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Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Here we are.  Year 8 of our marriage and it seems like yesterday we were just preparing to say I do.  Man, this year has been something.  It hasn’t all been peaches and cream, either.  The fact that I’m writing this blog post in quarantine with my husband during the greatest pandemic of our history is a perfect accompaniment to our marriage.  It’s been full of surprises.  Still, we have been richly blessed these past 8 years.
As always, God has been good to us in eight years as husband and wife.  In 2019, we were blessed to see the birth of a new child–a son.  We watched our daughter start her first year of elementary school and watched our oldest son begin his last year of middle school.  We’ve seen our children grow and have walked tests and trials, ebbs and flows, and are still here in the midst of it–together.
So, according to all the “traditional” books and things, we are in the “Bronze” age of our marriage.  That’s cute.  If we were exchanging gifts this year, I would probably have attained a broze picture frame with the entire family’s picture in it.  Fortunately, the year isn’t over yet.
So, as I did last year, let’s go over marriage thoughts at 8 years.

Marriage Thoughts at 8 Years…

Last year, our wedding anniversary fell on Easter Sunday.  It was the perfect backdrop as God has always been the center of everything we do.  This year, our anniversary falls during a pandemic where we have been sequestered from most people and have been living in our home working and learning together.  It’s been wonderful most days–having time to learn and discuss thoughts and feelings one with another. 

We’ve been full of prayers and full of joy.  We’ve been doing bible study as a family and have been enjoying family time together!

Favorites of Year 8

1. Our crazy birth of Baby J.  S. was by my side the entire time and though I definitely put him through his paces in the room (pain was REAL!).  Just to see the pride in his eyes at the birth of his newborn son was beautiful.

2. Date Night.  Taking S. to see Shim Lim was a nice treat.  It was a fun evening and trying to figure out just how Shim does what he does is amazing!

3.  Celebrating S.’s birthday.  What a fun night of trying new things and making new memories.

What I hope this year brings us
Health, prosperity, joy, happiness, communication, affection, patience, love.

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