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Hello May!

Hi everyone!  It’s May!  It’s definitely a different one than in years passed with all of the craziness of COVID going around.  We are still sheltering in place at home with occasional escapes for required meetings and doctor appointments.  It’s certainly been interesting.

Bucket ListsTraditionally, May has always been the unofficial start to Summer.  It’s the time we start looking forward to warmer weather and outdoor activities.  With schools and buildings locked down in our area until June 10th (unless something changes), I’m not sure how many of those things we’ll get to do this year.

Still, you all know I like a good bucket list and since it’s Baby J’s first…we’ll call it a dream list and hope that we can accomplish a few things this summer.

Oh!  And don’t worry if we end up staying indoors a little longer.  I have a quarantine version too!

May Dates.  The great thing about May is some of the cool opportunities to fellowship and love up on one another.  
Cinco de Mayo. This year Cinco do Mayo and Taco Tuesday fall on the same day!  So you already know I’m here for it.  One of my friends/mentors has launched a new transportation business.  They will be hosting a virtual Cinco de Mayo party complete with DJ and games.  We just have to bring the tacos and log on.  No problem!
Our local Mexican restaurant is still doing takeout and I’m taking advantage of it.  I’ll cheat to keep costs low, but our menu will be Nachos with Cheese Sauce (homemade), Ground Beef Tacos and Enchiladas with Spanish Rice, and Icecream for dessert.  You just know the littles are going to partake, so we’re making these yummy frozen strawberry magarita mocktails that I stumbled upon from EveryDay Southwest.com.  No alcohol, just yumminess. And if I’m feeling brave, I might try this cherry limeaid from Laylita.com for the littles instead.  I’m so looking forward to this and I think the kids will as well.  I’m not telling them anything, only that I’ll be doing dinner on Tuesday. I’m so excited.
Mother’s Day.  This year Mother’s Day falls on May 12th, which happens to be one of my very good friend’s birthday  Her mom suffered a stroke last year and we almost lost her.  Mother’s Day is definitely going to be sweeter for her.  
As for me, Bug asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year.  He mentioned it would be different since we are quarantined, but not really.  I’m not really big on going out for major holidays.  The crowds and waits mess with my anxiety.  So, I’m perfectly fine with being at home for Mother’s Day.  Still, he persisted and S. was right there in ear shot, so I told them the one thing I definitely want it…crab cakes.  Yep.  You guessed it.  I want HUGE crab cakes.  I don’t care too much about what sides go with it, but crab cakes are a definite need.  It would also be nice to have some beautiful flowers and Shari’s Berries too.
Memorial Day.  This day is more than a holiday.  It’s a day of honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while wearing our uniform.  There are several family and friends who will be honoring this day in special ways.  One family I know visits Arlington cemetary every year.  I hope they will be able to be there this year.  But there is a definitely chance this will be a virtual memoriam as well.
Here’s hoping May 2020 brings health, wellness, and prosperity.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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