Happy Father’s Day

Hello everyone!  I pray you are all having an amazing and wondeful Father’s Day with your fathers, father figures, or fathers of your children.  I remember when I was younger this holiday was sad to me because I didn’t know who or where my father was.  God kept me the entire time making sure I had male role models who loved and watched over me, but there was still the ache.

Thank God for his mercy and His kindness.  Not only do I have the relationship with my birth father, but God gave me an honorary father, a godfather, AND a father in love to shower blessings on my family with their love.  Isn’t God an awesome God?
Today, I wanted to take some time to honor my husband.  That man is truly one of the best fathers I have ever seen, even when I don’t get or agree with some of his tactics.  All of his actions towards his children and those children who look up to him at our church as a father figure are all in love.
I have watched this man play with the kids wearing himself ragged and still come back in the house to complete whatever he needs to do here.  He isn’t a babysitter.  He’s a parent.  The knowledge he drops is ridiculous sometimes.  We have Bible study regularly since quarantine.  I can’t begin to tell you the way my heart swells when he is explaining something to or gleaning something from the kids.
He’ll get in the trenches.  Changing diapers, giving baths, dancing and singing witht he kids.  Playing Nerf wars and just being there.  I don’t mind saying that he is such an amazing man, and I am blessed to call him mine.
Here is hoping your day with yout fathers and father figures is beautiful! Happy  Father’s Day!

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