Hello June June 2020

Hello June

Hello everyone.  I am hoping you are all safe and sound, protected and blessed.  Last month was a bit of a doozy for so many reasons.  In addition to being sequestered due to COVID-19, we had to endure countless hours of vitriol thrown back and forth over the death of George Lloyd and the subsequent protests that followed.  In a word, it has been EXHAUSTING.  Mentally, Physically, Emotionally exhausting.  The children see it too.  Even when you keep the news channel shown only in your room or when the kids are out of earshot until you are ready to talk to them later, they hear and they know.  Guys, last month was something.

I am praying above praying that this month will slowly start a healing process.  As businesses reopen and people return to work, as criminal cases are investigated, as we move forward, I truly pray that everything will calm down.  My faith tells me that none of this is coincidence and that there is a reason for it all.  I sincerely believe it is yet another birth pang, but that is another post for another day.

So let’s discuss what’s going on this month.  Well, I’ll be spending a bit more time in the office as we try to get products and services out the door for deadlines.  I’ll still be masked up and there will be no hanging around the office just talking afterwards because…COVID.

It’s my honorary mother’s birthday.  I want to make sure she is honored on her day as she has done a lot to show her love for my family and I.  It’s always a blessing when family who isn’t blood becomes family of the heart.  I love her and am so blessed to have her in my life.

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching.  We are not planning to do any in house dining this year, but I will open the house up for my father in love and husband to enjoy a sumptuous meal and some bonding time.  He hasn’t seen his grandchildren in a while because of the quarantine and I’m sure he would like to even from behind a mask if it is still necessary.

I am still moving forward in my Masters degree program and I am learning so much.  I’m excited about the lessons and pleased with the interaction.  It’s hard work.  This week I had 4 quizzes, a 6-8 page paper (12 with all the additional accompaniments), and a video to create.  By the way, I actually like how the video turned out so it may be below on the page.  I haven’t decided at publishing time whether or not to publish.

We also have several big announcements to make but just can’t do it right now.  We’re about to be in for a season of true faith.  I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to some of it, but I trust God and the process.  BUT some of these announcements are huge and I can’t wait to share

Here’s a run down of May 2020.  I hope yours was blessed and that June 2020 is even better.

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