2020 family Honeybee Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Mid-terms and Biscuits

Weekend Recap:  Mid-terms and Biscuits

Hi guys!  Hope it was a great weekend for you!  Our family had a deadline-driven one.  Seriously, it was nuts.  Both S. and I are working on separate Masters degrees while also continuing to telework.  This is midterm week for me and man, oh man…the work.  

Meanwhile, S. had a deadline at work for a mutli-collaborative project and had to have his school work done.  Combine that with the little people who are still sequestered in the house thanks to Coronavirus (even if the stores are starting to open), and it was wild.

There were some great highlights though.  My neighbor friends had a HUGE yard sale on Saturday and I drove by just to say hello with the kids.  Well, I was actually asked to leave the house with the kids so that S. could have the quiet ambient noise to complete his video.  No issues.  I needed the same the other day.  Anyhow, the kids stayed in the car while I socially said hello from on the curb (cause this virus is NOT over).  It was hot as I don’t know what out there, so we kept the meeting short.  We popped over to my honorary parents home and stood under the shade of a tree maintaining our distance while wearing masks while the kids were smiling to see their grandparents.  I think that’s the hardest part of all of this.  Grandparents not being able to hug on their grandbabies.  My honorary parents love their grands and to not be able to see or hold them….yep, that’s a hard one.  We spent about ten minutes over there before it was too hot to continue on and the kids and I bid adieu.  By now it was past lunchtime and I didn’t want to go back and disturb S. if he was still working so I took the kids to hit curbside pickup at one of the restaurants.

They LOVED that.  Riding in the A/C with Will Smith’s CD giving Summer Vibes while we sip super icees.  I love the family time we have.  We found out after we got home that one of our favorite donut spots was closing its doors for good this weekend. The doors were already closed when we got the message, but how bummer were we! We loved their donuts. We’re still not sure if it was COVID-19 that did them in or what, but what a sad development.

Farewell you delectable morsels, you.

When we got back home, we had lunch and the kids took a nap while Bug helped me record some footage for my midterm video.  Presently it was time for them to help my FIL and I continued working my school stuff…until 4AM.  SMH.

Yesterday, I got up to do breakfast and decided that since we didn’t have any biscuits, I’d make some from scratch.  Hear me.  The last time I remember making biscuits was when I was a little girl.  I vaguely recalled doing so as an adult, but couldn’t remember specifics.  Since my Honeybee was upstairs with me, I asked if she wanted to help me.

She LOVES being in the kitchen and immediately said yes.  So, we followed a recipe from Mom on Timeout that closely matched that of the ones my great-grandmother used to make.    Honeybee did such a great job helping!

girl with flour on her hands from baking biscuits
What an amazing little helper she was!

They were so good!  I made a dozen and the kids actually fussed over them because they wanted more lol.  The exchanging of chores for biscuits was funny.  I paired them with scrambled eggs and hashbrowns.  They were such a yummy meal I promise I may have to start making biscuits every weekend lol.

After breakfast, we all got back to the task of knocking out school work.  S. was deeply ingrained in his and I was doing the same on my end.  The kids were enjoying themselves playing and before you knew it, the day was done.

So, nothing majorly exciting, but a great weekend nonetheless.  Now to get ready for Father’s Day next Sunday?  Are you guys ready?  Doing anything special for the dads out there?

Have a great day!


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