June 2020

Weekend Recap: Our Father’s Day Recap

Hi Everyone!

What a nice weekend it has been, albeit slightly busy.  We got to celebrate our loved ones and get Bug looking semi-back to his old self again.  It really was an enjoyable time.

The haircut

Non-essential businesses including barber shops and hair salons closed in March of this year.  That means Bug hasn’t had a hair cut in forever and I haven’t had a hair style in the same time.  With the phased reopening of the state, I waited a couple of weeks before I decided to make an appointment for Bug, after checking out the restrictions for safety.  I was able to book everything online with the booking app, drive him to the barber, and sit in the car while he went into the single chair shop.  He was there about an hour and some change, but when he came out…new man!  LOL!  I can hardly wait for my return.


2.        The paperload

Wow!  I had papers due out the wazoo this weekend.  I had one 8-12 page paper on the Christian Worldview of Social Media and its impact on that worldview.  I had another 6-9 page paper on a media plan assessment.  I had two quizzes and 1 discussion question.  I have to admit I procrastinated, so one of the papers was submitted late.  I hate that because I’ve been doing very well in the class, but these things definitely happen.  That being said, no rest for the weary.  I have a presentation and two new quizzes this week and a video.  I love Masters degree work!

3.       Father’s Day

I love Father’s Day.  Seriously, I’m not just saying it.  My husband is a great father.  He loves the kids and they love him.  Their relationship is crazy with him and I love every bit of it.  Yesterday, we woke up and I was just about to start on breakfast for S. and the kids when Bug asked if he could make breakfast for his dad.  😊  Of course, he could.  So, I worked on my paper while Bug made scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits for breakfast.  I love my son.

While I worked on my paper and listened to the live stream of the sermon, the girls lay on the floor coloring the massive Father’s Day poster board I gave them.  They drew and colored whatever they wanted on it and then added it to the gifts of Father’s Day.

After breakfast and settling for a while, we all gathered in the family room while Bug attempted to sing Happy Father’s Day on the keyboard (that voice cracking is serious in puberty!) and we presented S. with his gifts.  He received a Chicago Bears hoodie that proclaims that A Dad is His Son’s First Hero and a Daughter’s First Love.  He initially thought it was too big, but after trying it on discovered it was perfect!

He also received cologne, a knee compression brace, and a new bracelet (that turned into a necklace because of its length) with all of the kids’ names engraved on metal.  He looks really nice in it.


After we exchanged gifts, we went back to working on our respective papers until it was time for me to gather dinner.  I called ahead to Red Lobster and placed a nice sized order because my father and brother in loves were coming over.  It was odd to go out.  Everyone still had their masks on even to pick up.  Some people went inside to eat.  I’m not quite ready for that yet.  Lines and traffic were long, so I think people are thinking we are pretty much done…but I’m not yet convinced.

Back at the house with my in loves, we maintained social distancing and this was only the third time I’ve seen them in March and the second I was able to actually be in the room with them.  It was great just fellowshipping with them.  We talked investments and politics and theology, and then I had to leave them as I had to finish my papers.

It was a very wonderful day and I am so thankful that God allowed me to see it.  What a wonderful day and what a wonderful blessing.

Talk to you soon!


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