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Weekend Recap “The Not-so-Drive Through Adventure”

Hi everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was, for the first time in a long time, pretty active. Last week I saw an advertisement for one of the local farms in our area for a drive through baby animal review complete with kettle corn, lemonade, and strawberry slushees. You know I couldn’t say no to that, so I purchased tickets for the kids and I and come Saturday morning, loaded up the car.

The kids were absolutely excited to get out of the house and I was excited to have gotten the A/C charged on the car the day before because it was HOT!!! Anyway, we drove to the farm and were greeted with a masked lady and a gentleman who scanned out digital ticket (social distancing rocks) and informed that we could actually get out of the car if we desired as the animals were out and scattered safely apart for minimum contact. Now, did I mention it was hot outside? LOL. Still, the kids really wanted to go and once we received our included kettle corn and drinks, I drove to the parking field, left the A/C running while we sipped on our drinks (which were phenomenal BTW) and enjoyed some of our kettle corn before venturing out into the heat.

All of the kids, except J, have masks that I packed. Having not anticipated getting out, I didn’t bring the stroller, but thank God I had the baby carrier in the trunk. That was a lifesaver. The kids got to see lambs and goats including one that was so big and pregnant that I felt her pain. She did NOT want to be bothered. LOL! I understood. Again, it was hot out there! We didn’t stay outside too long—just long enough to walk around the animals and wash our hands at the washing station before returning to the car, turning the A/C back on, enjoying a bit more of our snacks, and then off to pick up lunch for the family.

We ended up stopping at Chick-Fil-A and I’d forgotten how busy it could be since the quarantine had a lot of people at home previously. Our state recently started a phased reopening and everyone and their mother was in that drive through line. We ordered our food via app, hit curbside pickup, and were out before too long. I am such a fan of convenient technology (but not too convenient. Visions of I, Robot and Skynet float before my eyes).

We went home, we immediately hit my “COVID-19 protocol” which requires everyone to strip their outside clothes in the mudroom and place them into the laundry basket, then head straight upstairs for shower or bath. After I showered and while they were in the bathroom washing, I sprayed down shoes and bags with Lysol and set things aside for washing. Cloth masks went into the machine on the sanitize cycle. It may seem like overkill, but our state has seen a small uptick in cases, and since I’m the daughter of a nurse and have seen the effects of this virus on friends and family, I’m not taking any chances.

Brown goat looking over fence

Later, I was able to work on my paper for my Masters degree while the kids played in the house. Pretty soon, it was time for S. and Bug to help my FIL at his office and time for me to put the kids down for bed. Best time of the evening is when everyone is snug and comfortable in their beds because that means “me time”.

Sunday morning, we rose and I made breakfast while we all watched the live stream of church services on the laptop. It was a beautiful service and it was heartwarming to see the kids jumping around singing to the trio on the screen. Sunday was also a beautiful day as we had my niece’s 14th birthday party to attend!

Socially distant, the kids and S. went on before me because I’d finished my presentation, but was having trouble loading my video for the class requirement. It took a full hour before it was done and then I was out the door too. How great it was to see everyone. It was almost like old times except with masks and no one able to hold the baby 😊. I’m looking forward to days of lots of hugs and fun.

It was late when we left, almost 10. The kids, particularly the little ones, were exhausted. So, after potty breaks, we loaded up the cars and made our way home. As soon as baths were given (yep, again), and heads hit the pillow, everyone was sleep. It was an awesome weekend and an almost normal occurrence. I’m looking forward to some additional weekend excursions, but until then, this will keep me going for a while.

I hope you had an equally great weekend. Stay blessed and stay safe!

We will talk to you again!


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