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40 while 40: My 40th Birthday Bucket List

Hey guys!  It’s my 40th birthday! 😍 I’m sharing my 40th birthday bucket list!  Every year I write down a few things that I would like to tackle during my birthday year.  This year I’m sharing 40 ideas with you.  If you’d like to check out how I did on my previous ones, feel free to look below!

Happy birthday to me!!!

  1. Complete or almost complete Masters degree. (DONE! May 2021)
  2. Complete family Bible reading plan. (24 more devotions and I am done!)
  3. Consistently start or end my day with a minimum of 15 minutes of devotional time with God.
  4. Have at least 4 girls’ night or events with my daughters.
  5. Have at least 4 Mommy Son nights with my sons.
  6. Take an updated professional family photo after the baby is born.
  7. Redesign website and blog. (Done)…BUT I will do it again !)
  8. Complete the #SelfCareDare.
  9. Embrace career goals.
  10. Plant a garden.
  11. Plan a weekend getaway for S. and I.
  12. Continue to invest in the stock market. (DOING IT!)
  13. Create creative and/or relaxing spaces for the kids in their bedroom. (Working on it in the new location).
  14. Have a picnic with the kids.
  15. Go to the zoo.
  16. Go to the pumpkin patch.
  17. Go to the Drive in Christmas Lights. (DONE! December 2020!)
  18. Have the kids “adopt an angel” from the Christmas tree and purchase gifts for charity.
  19. Do a drastic “do” for my hair. (DONE!)
  20. Purchase a new and larger vehicle.
  21. Host a ladies brunch.
  22. Visit NC at least 4 times.
  23. Visit NJ at least 3 times.
  24. Solo trip to Charleston, SC.
  25. Take dance lessons.
  26. Go camping in a log cabin complete with S’mores, hiking, and bon fires.
  27. Visit NC for Church’s Homecoming.
  28. Take a solo day trip to the museum.
  29. Go to the winery with my girlfriends.
  30. Walk or run a 5K.
  31. Do a weekend adventure at least once a month.
  32. Return to swimming lessons.
  33. Do a boudoir session.
  34. Gain five new monthly clients.
  35. Gain 35 new blog followers.
  36. Get a professional certification in something I will truly use and enjoy.
  37. Learn to grill.
  38. Learn to make an Italian Buttercream Cake.
  39. Learn to make a Seafood Chowder.
  40. Have an amazing marriage and family life.
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