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Birthday Recap: 40 is Fabulous

Birthday Recap:  40 is Fabulous

Hi everyone!

I am still smiling and am so humbled by the outpouring of love and support I received on my birthday yesterday.  Truthfully, with COVID still running rampant, I was fine with take out dinner and a movie on Netflix.  I wasn’t expecting anything big and I was perfectly fine with it.  The day had already started so beautifully.
A fabulous 40th birthday…even in COVID-19

First, I woke up and realized I was alive and well.  That was better than any other gift I could have received, especially after a week where so many were not able to see another day.  I thanked God and prepared to face the day with a huge smile.  After the morning routine, I made my way towards the office to take care of some small work-related items.  On the way there, I stopped to make a pick up and found these beautiful treats waiting for me.
Pastel and hot pink adorned 40th birthday cookies
Seriously, some of the most delectable cookies I’ve had in a while!  LOVE!
Photo credit:  Sugar Me Sweets Bake Co

Assorted birthday cookies for 40th birthday
Such major attention to detail and SO cute
Photo credit:  Sugar Me Sweets Baking Co

Decorate dbirthday cookies
Photo credit:  Sugar Me Sweets Baking Co.

Now let me stop right here.  You all remember me talking about these cookies.  I was introduced to them when I purchased an at home decorating kit shortly after the schools closed down amid the pandemic.  My Honeybee and Little A loved them and made the most adorable decorations. They were so cute and so yummy that I put the company in my head for possible future kits or cookie needs.  Sure enough, I wanted unique confections and to support local small businesses in the area and these were exactly what the doctor ordered!  
After completing some work items, it was time to return home, but I couldn’t do so without stopping at one of my favorite spots to take advantage of the #birthdaydiscount that was waiting on the app for me.
hand holding a Tropical Smoothie
Happy birthday Smoothie!
It was so good, guys!  I’m usually a Jetty Punch sans bananas girl, but the seasonal treat is Watermelon Mojito.  I’d never had it before and decided my birthday was as good an excuse as any.  It. is. now. my. new. favorite. thing.  Seriously, it was so much better than I expected!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, I highly recommend you do.
I made it home and showed the cookies to my S. and the kids.  They all oohed and ahhhed over them, and the kids tried to take some.  Nope!  My cookies 😆!  I told them that I would share some with them later, but not right then.  *Spoiler:  I finally shared with everyone this morning and EVERYONE wanted information about them.  They’re super light and buttery, but not overly sweet.  They really are so yummy!!!
The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent completing my work assignments and answering the birthday texts and messages that were being sent.  I was sitting with baby J. when I heard the doorbell ring.  S. answered the door and announced it was for me.
Woman holds a fruit basket arrangement while infant sits beside her
What an awesome surprise!!

One of my amazing sister-friends and her husband sent an Edible Arrangement to the house for my birthday.  I promise I got teary-eyed because I really wasn’t expecting anything beyond communiques and I was perfectly okay with that.  The fact that someone took time out of their day to send something to me filled me with such love and gratitude.  I promise this young woman has a heart of gold and I am so blessed to call her a sister/friend.
After the surprise delivery, it was a late nap time for the kids.  I caught up on some household things when the doorbell rang.  This time, I went to the door and was greeted with this awesome delivery from Sweet_D Treats.
Guys!!!!  This beautiful woman is a fellow church member, a loving friend, and a super talented person.  I am thankful and blessed to have her in my circle and this beautiful arrangement just helped to make my day SO very special.
Chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry crunch strawberries, chocolate dipped strawberries, Lindt chocolates, and cake pops.  Sweets are so my jam
Photo credit:  Sweet_D Treats
*Spoiler 2:  You all already know we’ll be seeing these again!  The kids have been circling waiting for their opportunity to enjoy some too 😂.  So far, I’ve enjoyed a cake pop and delectable strawberries!  I am so thankful to know and love people with amazing talents.
After the treats were delivered, I honestly thought that was the end of the birthday stuff minus maybe getting birthday takeout later.  It wasn’t  too much longer that the family was sitting together when the doorbell rang again.  By now it was raining outside and I was actually concerned for whomever it was in the elements.  I went to open the door and found another sister/friend and neighbor at the door with one of the BEST birthday gifts this pregnant woman could every ask for….A 44 oz. Icee and Nutty Bars!!!!! 💓😍💗💗
My friends are AMAZING!
If you follow the blog, you know that I’ve been craving Icees often.  It’s my preggo craving!  This amazing woman not only got me a super cute balloon, but got the biggest Icee available.  I was SO happy.  I promise that my friends get me like no one else does.
I was enjoying my Icee sitting in my chair, happy and blessed, content with my birthday when S. suddenly asked me if I would upstairs.  I did so and was greeted with a lovely sight.

I love my husband..
It  was such a sweet gesture.  My husband had run a candlelight bath complete with classic old school music.  S. asked that I enjoy my alone time until he came to relieve me.  Cool beans.  It was so perfect.  I can’t remember when the last time I had no little fingers under doors or people knocking on doors while I tried to #SelfCare. It was just perfect.  Quite a while later, when the fingers and toes were beginning to look like little raisins, there was a knock on the bathroom door and a request for me to go downstairs.
This is the set-up moment, lol.  S. gave me no instructions under than come downstairs.  Since, it was just the family and I, and because I knew that it was much later in the evening, I assumed we were going to eat dinner and chill as a family.  Because of this, I almost came downstairs in pajamas, but something told me to go ahead and put on jeans and a nice T-shirt.
I came downstairs and heard other voices and walked into….a surprise ZOOM party!  About 40 of my closest friends and family were on a Zoom call to wish me a Happy birthday!!  I was so touched!!!  Church friends, close friends, family, loved ones…all were there and I was really so shocked, surprised, and humbled.  Seriously, I had no clue. And the kids had decorated the living room and kitchen.
My guys wishing me a great day!
Ignore the mess!  We live a frazzled life around here!

Happy birthday!!!

Everyone sang happy birthday, gave me birthday wishes, and then one by one hung up their call, even the birthday friends and family who’d delivered to me throughout the day lol.  I spoke with my sister in loves for a while before they too hung up.  It was awesome!  But my family had one more surprise up their sleeve.
First, Honeybee gave me the best birthday card ever created by a 6 yo Honeybee.
I love my Honeybee
Then, my family loved on me with gifts of their own.
Well, not quite obsessed (tea girl), but I LOVE this mug.

Smell goods!  My favorites!!

A family that supports one another.  I have to do self videos for several of my graduate courses.  The last videos, while As, were dinged because of shaky hands.  S. got me a hand held vlogger kit so that one be a problem anymore.  LOVE HIM!
We finished the evening with my favorite meals from several different restaurants.  My husband actually drove to the different restaurants picking up my favorite meals.  I love my husband!  After eating our dinner, the kids sang Happy birthday with Bug accompanying on the keyboard. We finished with cake, cookies, cake pops, and fruit.  It  was a fantastic evening and I was SO humbled!
It was a perfect day and I felt loved all day long.  We didn’t need a party.  We didn’t need expensive trips.  We spent it together with people who genuinely love and care for one another.  That’s the best possible gift!
Thanks so much, everyone!

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