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Friday Favorites: The Instagram Version

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all having an amazing week.  I’m linking with A Little Bit of Everything and Momfessionals for a Friday Favorites share.  

It’s been a busy week!  Oh my goodness!  I’ve had a host of meetings, classes, paperwork, homework, and so many other things.  But I’m not complaining.  Busy is always a good thing.  Last week, we focused on birthday cookies.  Well, this week, I have to share with you the Internet finds I’ve discovered.  I promise one thing about being at home during a pandemic is the amount of time you find yourself searching on the web even after all the teleworking.  I’ve found some adorable things and think you’ll agree.
Okay, let’s start with Back to School outfits.  I don’t even know if the girls will get to do traditional back-to-school shopping with all that is going on, but it’s okay.  They can look cute at home and I can share their cuteness with the family.  That’s always a win.  So, you all know I am IN LOVE with the clothes from Sparkle in Pink.  They’ve been on the blog quite a few times and this week won’t be any different.  Now, there is no kick back of affiliation with this group.  I’m sharing because I love the clothes and think you might too.

I’m digging the shorts!

Seriously, I can’t get past how cute this outfit is!
I saw these and fell in love with them!  How cute are they😍?  My favorite is the second picture because A. is on all things ABC these days and this set with that cute necklace?!  Seriously, it’s adorable!!  If those aren’t your thing, feel free to peruse the rest of their Back to School line.
You all know I 💗Fall.  Seriously, I love it. Peach cobbler, kettle corn, pumpkin patches, ponchos and boots, sweater weather, fall hair (oh I want a completely new color), fall walks, Apple donuts (don’t you dare knock them 😂), bonfires, Thanksgiving, you name it lol. So, I was pretty excited when one of my favorite fall haunts released this little nugget on their website. I don’t yet know if this means the patch itself won’t be open this year, but I am more than ready to do the drive-thru!
Instagram is such a neat little network.  You can find some of the coolest people up there and the coolest products.  It’s where I found my mask.
It’s also where I found these beauties.
So, full transparency.  I’m not a fan of the price of these carriers.  I know there are several that are less expensive on main stream markets.  However, I respect the craftsmanship and features of the carrier and may be convinced to try one for little bean.  They are really nice.  Then, I saw the ads for the cute bodysuits.  I love these colors and thought them way too cute to keep to myself.
Here’s another one I stumbled on this week.  I promise if this is a girl, I’m going in lol!
I promise I’m going to try not to go overboard on all the girl things especially if they are in the older girls’ sizes.
I am so in love with the sunflowers especially.  If this is a girl and she is born in November, I would love this on her.  If not?  That’s okay.  They come in sizes appropriate for A and Honeybee.  They will be worn!
Cute Mommy & Me Styles
Another Instagram find, this page has some really adorable mommy and me sets.  I have to be honest.  I’ve never done Mommy and me with my girls.  We’ve done color coordination for church on special occasions, but I have never had an outfit that the girls have had also.  These are so cute, I’m willing to change my mind.  The website has quite a lot of cute items for little boys as well, which is awesome for baby J.

This next find is specifically for maternity clothes. I will be posting on it later but I have been feeling rather dowdy and blah in terms of clothes this pregnancy. NOTHING fits. With limited opportunities to get my hair down, I’m ponytails and blow outs. Being all natural in heat doesn’t exactly lend itself to glamour shots. That’s when I stumbled across Tiff Marie Maternity, I was pleasantly surprised.

I am definitely a fan of some of these outfits!
The prices vary so while some may be more than I want to spend for an outfit I can only wear for a few months, others are more cost friendly for me.  No, I’m not a cheapskate and appreciate paying money for quality clothes, but most of those clothes are worn for quite some time.  Clothes that I can only wear for 5-7 months aren’t a cost investment that I really want to make.  Still, these clothes are beautiful and I certainly think they are worth a look!
So there they are!  My Friday Faves.  I hope you guys are having a spectacular weekend and I hope to check in with you later.
Have a great weekend!

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