Hello July!


Can you believe it?! We’re halfway through the calendar year. The year has been something. We’ve had civil unrest. We’ve had COVID-19. We’ve had quarantines. We’ve had deaths. We’ve hard discussions. It’s been a journey! 

So, what are we looking forward to this month? Well, first off it’s my birthday month! Yay! I’m super excited to be turning (God willing) 40 years old! Wow, that came so much quicker than I was expecting it to. I’m looking forward to celebrating COVID style with social media posts, a few mocktails, a cake, and the joy of family and friends. Oh, and crab cakes. I want SO many crab cakes lol. 
We also announced our pregnancy last month! (Yay again!) Guys, I never thought God would bless us with 5 children, let alone one conceived naturally between S. and I after so many years of infertility and assisted reproduction. I will say that S. and I have been married 8 years and the number 8 represents new beginnings in the Bible. I don’t know what the plan is for this little one, but God is creating it in a new way and in a new season to do something amazing. I genuinely believe that. 
Independence Day is coming this weekend. Our family certainly won’t be going on and milling with crowds. We will be at home with a home cooked meal and family time. I am perfectly happy to do that. I might even be inspired to hop on the grill! (I really need cooking on the grill tips).

In addition, you guys know I like to post my annual Bucket Lists for things I’d like to try and accomplish for the year. This year’s list was more difficult thanks to COVID, but I still think it’s worth a shot for upcoming year.

What are you looking forward to in the month of July? Are some of you going to venture to beaches and places? Or have some of you set up your own beach oasis outside? Let me know! I’m always up for ideas!

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