July 2020

Preggo #4: Bump Update 22 weeks

Hello everyone!  I hope you’re having an awesome week thus far.  I reached 23 weeks on Saturday, but realized I needed to update you on week 22.  Last week was pretty quiet.  It’s funny trying to provide interesting updates when lock down is real!  I’d love to go out and frolic, but #COVID has been spiking in several locations and I’d rather be safe than sorry.
We’re 22 weeks!

So let’s talk about baby!  According to Babycenter, my baby is the size of a spaghetti squash.  I’ve seen those, but have never had it.  Though I am told they are delicious especially for a pasta alternative.
How far along: We are 22 weeks.  We’re more than halfway there though it doesn’t seem like it.  Days kind of run together now with quarantine and social distancing, but yep we’re over the midway point.

Total weight gain: 14 pounds. I promise I’m 14, but my doctor swears it’s still just 12 pounds.  I’m okay with the weight gain.  I know most pregnancies give you about 30 pounds extra.  I usually hit right around 25 to 30.  But I am not going to lie.  I feel like I’ve gained much more this week.

Maternity clothes: I am living in maternity jeans and tanks except when I have to go into the office and then I’m in maxi dresses and head wraps.

Stretch marks: This week they have been pretty prominent.

Sleep: My fatigue is still pretty ridiculous.  I’m getting an at home sleep study and I cannot not wait for answers there.  The doctor also tells me that my Vitamin D level is high, which is new for me.  I’ve always had lower Vitamin D.  I’ve no idea what’s going on there.

Best moment(s) of this week: Frozen Ice Drinks!  So, our HOA announced a frozen ice food truck would be in our area if we wanted to partake.  Heck yeah!  Oh my goodness, guys!  It was so good.  I drove over to their location because it was way too hot to walk.  I took the kids with me and purchased flavored ice for all of them.  We came home and I transferred the icees to dishes for the younger babies and we sat down for a yummy treat.

He wasn’t impressed lol

She loved it though
As did my Honeybee

Seriously, it was so good
Gender:  You all know we typically do team green.  What do you guys think?  We have two boys and two girls.  

Any new symptoms:  I have been pretty tired.  I’ve also been having some pretty interesting back pains.
What I’m loving in this pregnancy:  This baby loves to move.  Week by week, it moves and shows its personality.  Night time has it awake and after lunch it likes to crawl right about my pubic bone and curl.  It’s the weirdest sensation, but I love it.
What I’m missing in this pregnancy:  I miss my family.  I haven’t been home (NC) since before the New Year.  I would love to travel there and see my uncles and aunts.  I also miss being able to travel to NJ to see my parents.  
Cravings and Aversions:  Oh my goodness!  I am STILL craving fruit and Icees, badly.  That “WadderIce” hit the spot this past week, but man…if I could have Icees all day everyday I would.  I don’t really have too many aversions.  One thing that is odd is I used to go to the local convenience store and grab my Icee, a pack of fried mozzarella sticks, and a Cow tail (the candy).  I don’t want the Cow tails anymore.  Odd.
What I’m looking forward to:  The Fall.  This Summer has been kind of difficult with my purposely restricting myself and the kids from unnecessary trips.  No, you don’t want fear, but you don’t want stupidity either.  So, hopefully things will have greatly improved in Autumn because it’s my favorite season and I’m so looking forward to crockpot meals, hot soups, Fall walks, pumpkin patches, and cute Fall outfits.  Here’s hoping Fall is a COVID free walk in the park.
Activity level:  I know I need to do better.  I even purchased a 21 Day to a Fit Pregnancy e-book and have done nothing with it.  Hopefully, in week 23, I’ll do better and it will stick.
So, that’s my weekly baby bump update.  I hope you have a fantastic remainder of the week.  See you next week, God willing!

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