2020 Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Time holds for no man.

This has been one of the hardest weekends I’ve had in a long time.  Last week, I received two notices of people I knew and cares about who had transitioned home.  The thing is they were both young, much too young for me to expect the notice.

The first one came while on the phone with my best friend from NC.  We were conversing per usual, trying to catch up, when she suddenly gasped and let me know that she was receiving notices on her phone about our former classmate passing away.  The customary start of grief–the disbelief–came quick and we both abruptly hung up to find out if someone had made a terrible mistake.  They hadn’t.
This beautiful and wonderful soul, a young woman who was always kind to me in high school, who would comment in congratulations and encouraging words on my social media pages, was gone.  Her mother is still here.  Her daughter is here as well. But she is not.
They completed their assignments.  It is why they were called home.  Rest well.
The second notice came on Friday.  I knew he had been ill.  Social media has implored people for prayers of healing.  Then came word that he was doing better and people were becoming relieved.  And then, the very next day, he was gone.
There is quite an outpouring for him, who he was, what he stood for.  Man, he will be missed.  All I can think of is how many people call(ed) COVID-19 a hoax.  I stand here knowing it isn’t. The same day, the death announcement came for this great man, another release came.  There is another former schoolmate who is currently fighting COVID-19.  People have no idea how horrible this disease actually is.
So there is my Weekend recap. May our friends rest well and rest in peace.
Have a beautiful weekend.

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