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Hello August!

Wow!  Is it really August?  Already?  Wow!  Well, hello August.  I am hopeful that this month offers us a lot of love, joy, peace, and fellowship.  We know the COVID is not over and we have had more than enough of the heartbreak that has accompanied it.  But we are very thankful to see another month!

So what’s going on this month?  Well, quite a lot actually.
Birthday Central.  We have two birthdays this month.  Baby J. turns one this month.  Little A. turns three.  It’s crazy how fast the kids have grown, especially J.  The year really is just flying by.  I’ve already made arrangements to J. to have birthday cookies.  We’ll probably have a small core family low key celebration.  A little cake.  A little icecream.  Maybe family calling in on Zoom to watch him smash cake.  I’m actually okay with that.  We typically do this huge End of Summer/Fantasy Football party around this time, but I am perfectly fine with it not happening because of the virus.
A. will celebrate the latter part of the month.  I’m thinking the exact same scenario.  A core celebration with Zoom family members.  She won’t mind.  As long as A. has cake and presents, she is good to go.
Appointment Week.  It’s the dreaded appointment day.  I’ll have a week coming that’s appointments just about every day including a dental appointment (with a dental phobia 😖), another glucose appointment, and an appointment for our Honeybee and her eczema.  We’re praying for relief of her flares and itching.
Family Time.  Nothing hurts more than to hear your baby say “Mommy, you’re always busy.  You don’t have time to play.”  That sucks!  So, I am putting down the computer and the cell phone to take a more direct and active role in mommy child time.  I know the kids have been having a hard time with the quarantine.  They’ve only been out the house three times since March minus playing in the yard.  They are tired of the walls and they definitely need a change of scenery.  I’m planning a couple of indoor activities to take their minds off things including tea door parties, picnics, and game tourneys.  Hopefully, they’ll be right as rain again soon.
Vacation Bible School.  One of the things we look forward to every summer is Vacation Bible School hosted by our church.  We’ve had some really nice experiences and Bible studies while there.  The kids always enjoy it and look forward to seeing their friends there.  This year, COVID has stuck again and the family will be attending VBS for the first time virtually.  I’m not quite sure how it will work beyond the Zoom portion, but we’re going to log in and hope to have an amazing experience while logged on.
Part of the VBS flyer
Back to SchoolHoneybee and Bug will be starting school at the end of the month.  Before that happens, they will have an orientation that teaches them how to do virtual learning which is the current plan of the district.  All grades are on virtual learning until 2021.  It’s going to be interesting for sure.  Bug will be starting 9th grade.  It’s going to be a unique start to the new school year, but I am going to do my best to make it special for them.  
So, as you can see we have quite a bit going on.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep up though!  I’m trusting God will make that a certainty.
Monthly Recap.  So just in case you missed our July posts, I’m listing them here and some additional July stuff for you as well.  Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment if you desire.
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