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Jeremiah Turns One!

Hi everyone!  Our baby J. turned 1 year old on Tuesday.  We didn’t do a huge birthday party since COVID is still very, very real, but we did have a nice quiet family celebration and he was more than happy with it.

He still has those amazing bright eyes.

With COVID still spiking and quarantine still the word of the day, we did a very small and intimate dinner at home.  Nothing fancy, no major themes.  Just us–S., Bug, Honeybee, A, J and I.  We ate pizza and then pulled out a simple birthday cake while singing happy birthday.  You know, in hindsight, it was perfect.

Happy birthday, J!

Happy birthday, J!!!

His birthday cake!
He definitely approved

A part of me is definitely a bit sad.  All of his siblings have had beautiful birthdays complete with nice cakes and themes.  But, I have to admit that it was nice just spending time with the family and enjoying the blessing that God has given us without the noise and hustle of the outside world.
Sugar Me Sweets Baking Company made beautiful birthday cookies which he absolutely loved!

So, let me give my quick first birthday breakdown:
– 7 teeth
– Walking
– No words yet (he prefers to scream to get your attention)
– Favorite show:  Cocomelon
– Favorite song:  Baby shark
– Favorite toy:  Activity center (roundabout)
– Naps: 1-2 a day
Seriously.  He is one of the best kids ever.
Happy birthday, little one!  We all love you so much.  I look forward to seeing the moves God makes in your life!

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