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Parenting My Eczema Baby: Journey to Answers

*I’ll be updating as we go through treatment and options for treatment with our Honeybee.  Hopefully, you will see an improvement with us AND you’ll learn some really awesome tips for eczema treatment as we go through.
We haven’t discussed it much on this blog, but our Honeybee has very severe eczema.  When she has flares, her skin itches to the point that Honeybee scratches it raw.  There have been open weeping areas on her skin and it doesn’t really matter what you use on it–it never helps for long.

Recently, her flares and weeping places got to the place where we could no longer just visit the pediatrician for temporary solutions. We actually woke up and she looked like one raw and open mark 😢. We needed something that was more permanent, something that was going to work. Our pediatrician gave us a list of doctors, but I consulted with one of my dear friends whose daughter also experiences skin issues and was recommended an allergy doctor right up the street from our home.

I called them and made an appointment for Honeybee.  Since we are in the middle of COVID-19 (no, it isn’t over and cases are re-surging), things look different for new appointments.  When we arrived, we both had to don masks and I had to call the nurse from outside the office.  She then came outside with her mask to scan my daughter and I for our temperatures.  Both of us we actually pretty low as far as temperatures were concerned.  We then went inside and waited while they called us back.
When we were called back to the patient rooms, I immediately liked the nurse.  She was very friendly and put our Honeybee to ease right away.  I showed her Honey’s numerous lesions and open places from her flares.  I told her my concerns and our hope that we could find out what the triggers were and what we could do to give her some relief.  She took all the information in and  then we met the doctor.  Again, I absolutely loved the doctor.  He was personable, very kind, very direct and very caring.
Day 1:  After first treatment

Day 1:  After treatment

Day 1:  After treatment
He started with having the nurse test her for a host of allergens to see if there were contributors.  She is so tiny (only 34 pounds) and looked pitiful, but she took it all very well as there were no shots.  We found out about 15 minutes later that she has a very strong allergy to Hickory/Pecan trees, Ragweed, a severe allergy to Lambs Quarter, a milder one to dog dander.  She also has a pretty unexpected and surprising one to peanuts.  (More information on that below).
Armed with some knowledge, we developed a plan that involves diluted bleach baths twice a week to kill and remove the bacteria that is currently on her skin and contributing to the open lesions, damp PJs to bed under her dry ones, a combination of topical steroids, and moisturizers.  We will do this until our follow-on appointment next month and see where we stand.
We are also making sure all soaps and detergents associated with our Bee are fragrance free and approved by the Eczema Foundation.  It’s certainly going to be an adventure in skin care for a while, but I don’t mind.
This journey is going to hopefully give Honeybee some beautiful skin and a ton of relief very soon. Hopefully, we’ll see what happens!!

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