2020 baby A. Bug Honeybee Pregnancy #4 pregnancy update

Preggo #4: 29 weeks

Preggo #4:  29 weeks

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Hi everyone!  I hope all has been great and wonderful with you.  Today, I’m taking a little time to do a pregnancy update for week 29.  It’s crazy how quickly time is starting to pass.  Pretty soon, we’ll be prepping labor and delivery bags, reviewing birth plans, etc.  But for now, I’m good with sharing this update with you.

How far along: We are 29 weeks pregnant.

Total weight gain: Unknown, but should find out in week 30.

Maternity clothes: Yep.  You all remember the shirts I purchased from Mom Life USA ?  Well I have been loving them and the way they fit on my bump.  I’ve worn two of them now and have received compliments each time.  You know I’m loving that especially when I wasn’t feeling really cute initially. 

I also picked up the two beauties above from Amazon because they were too stinking cute and looked to be so comfortable.  I featured them in my Friday faves and haven’t worn them yet, but will soon.  I’ll let you know how I like them.

Stretch marks: Tons of them.  It’s a good thing I don’t mind them lol.
Sleep: I’m still using the Hypnobirthing meditations every other night and I have to admit I do feel more rested.  I am in complete control of the process so I don’t have to worry about anything that operates outside of my faith.  I’ve also learned some great stress release techniques in there and I am definitely appreciative of that.  I know I’ll be waking earlier soon thanks to the school year starting on Monday, so I need all the calming techniques I can handle.
I also purchased The Calm Birth Method: The Practical Guide for Modern Mamas to Create a Calm, Positive Hypnobirth.  I’m going to share more about this in a new post so definitely stay tuned.
Best moment(s) of this week:  I got my hair done!  Finally!  I needed some TLC badly.  I haven’t done anything to my hair since March.  After taking my little ladies to the salon, I loved the stylist and her personality.  I also knew that she would be to do twists and braids for my hair in this heat and humidity (otherwise I’d be visiting my other lovie).  So I booked an appointment and asked for her help.  She did an awesome job!  I felt like a new woman!

Creating our Learning Nook.  Since school starts on next Monday, I wanted to make sure we had a space set up for the kids to do their virtual learning.  I started with a few posters that I purchased from Amazon.  I loved how colorful they were and how inexpensive.  Unfortunately, the link for the posters that I have shows out of stock, BUT there is a comparable one found here.  I love how it turned out.

A. turns 3:  Of course I had to include our baby girl turning three years old!  We did a quiet evening at home with pizza and cake.  My honorary parents came over and dropped off a gift and quickly retreated as there was a nasty storm that was coming over the horizon.  A. loved her cake and loved the singing.  I just loved that my baby girl was turning 3.

Not so great moment(s) of this week: I received a phone call from the doctor’s office informing me that I need to increase my iron as I am more anemic than I was previously.  I’m not surprised as I’ve been craving all things cold (particularly slushies and Icees).
Gender: We’re still team green.

Any new symptoms: The lightning crotch seems to be a very regular occurrence now.  I have to prep myself for when I get up because it is definitely jarring, but I’m okay.

What I’m missing in this pregnancy: I really want to spend some time with my family in NC.  I miss everyone and it would be lovely to see everyone.  No one has seen me at all in this pregnancy nor have they seen the kids.  Bug and Honeybee have had growth spurts over the summer and I would love for the family to see that in person.

Cravings and Aversions: STILL craving all things cold and ice.

What I’m looking forward to
  • Baby shower. One of my girlfriends is having a drive by baby shower on Saturday.  I can hardly wait to celebrate her upcoming arrival.  Seriously, I love this woman and her husband.  They are such a great representation of Christ’s love.  I wish them all the love and happiness in the world.
  • First Day of School. Honeybee and Bug both start school next week.  They will be 100% virtual with both in person and asynchronous learning.  I’ll have a first grader and a high school freshman,  Oh my goodness.
Activity level: We had a video game competition this week.  I overdid it and hurt for a while, but loved it so much.  I definitely look forward to doing so again.
Anything else: That’s pretty much it!!!
Have a great week!!  We’ll talk to you soon!

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