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Preggo #4 Update: 28 weeks

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Hello everyone.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  Today I get to share the first update of my third trimester!  We are really starting to countdown.  Pretty soon, those numbers are going to drop lower and lower as we approach due date.  I am so looking forward to it.

How far along: We are 28 weeks and baby bean is the size of an butternut squash.

Total weight gain: Unknown

Maternity clothes: Yes, the maternity pants are pretty much a staple right now.  I have been really blessed to find some adorable shirts from Mom Life USA and I am absolutely in love with them!  The graphic tee sayings display my personality to a point and I love how I feel when I’m in them.  I like them so much that I’ve agreed to be an ambassador for them.  Plus, you all know I love my fur babies. This store donates 10% of every sale to local animal shelters to help save fur babies.  You have got to love that!  I do not receive any compensation from them, but I really love the shirts and will definitely let you know if that changes!

Seriously, I love their shirts!
Stretch marks: Yes, they are there….tons of them lol.
Sleep: Sleep has actually gotten a bit better.  I have been playing with the idea of trying to birth naturally again with a lot more control than my previous delivery.  So, I downloaded the Hypnobirthing app and used the meditation program to play during sleep.  I don’t know if it is wishful thinking or what, but I definitely felt much more relaxed and was able to drift off quicker.
I also purchased The Calm Birth Method: The Practical Guide for Modern Mamas to Create a Calm, Positive Hypnobirth.  I’m going to share more about this in a new post so definitely stay tuned.
Hoping for a more focused experience this go round.
Best moment(s) of this week: I got my Wadder Ice!  Oh my goodness!  I was SO happy when these guys came back to the neighborhood because I certainly needed them in my life.  Bug and the kids rode with me to the meeting location and I made sure to purchase a cup for each of them.  It was SO yummy and I can’t wait until they come back again.
Seriously, this is so good.
Little cups for the littles

Someone’s excited!

Love my Bug!

High School Town Hall.  Thursday night, Bug and I tuned into the Virtual High School Town Hall to get information on how the school year is going to progress in a couple of weeks.  There were a lot of answered questions and several unanswered ones as well.  I suppose this fell under great moments because it means my Bug is one step closer to becoming a HS freshman. That came WAY too quick!

Any who, I pick up his laptop and freshman shirt next week.  Wow…. oh, and you have to look at the shirts I’m asking the kids to wear on the first day.  Since it’s virtual learning, I think this is perfect.

Not so great moment(s) of this week: Welp, it was time to handle that glucose test.  I went in on Wednesday and stayed there an hour after drinking the glucose drink that tasted like flat orange soda.  It wasn’t bad, but yuck anyway.  There was blood work taken and my body just wasn’t super happy, so after everything was done I had to grab something quick and fast to compensate for all the sweetness.  Oh my!
Gender: We’re still team green.

Any new symptoms: The Braxton Hicks are certainly regular visitors now and my feeling very uncomfortable if I sit too long.  Also, I’m really experiencing the heavy feeling in my pelvis when I stand up, especially if seated for a while.  I’m paying close attention to that.

What I’m missing in this pregnancy: I had the craziest day this week.  It would have been so nice to grab a light cocktail and a small plate from one of my favorite restaurants.  Obviously that’s out with my being pregnant and with COVID, so I’ll just wait until that day comes again.

Cravings and Aversions: I’m craving all the cold things.  Ice cold water.  Slushees.  Smoothies. Frozen fruit.  I’ve visited Wawa so much the clerk already knows my orders.  It’s the same at Tropical Smoothie.

Yes.  Yes, I know it says 44 oz.  Say nothing.
 What I’m looking forward to: SO MUCH!!
  • Bug’s Town Hall was this week.  Next week, we are picking up his laptop, freshmen shirt, and class schedule.  Though classes will be virtual, it’s still a pretty big deal that he’s about to be a freshman.
  • Honeybee has orientation next week and will be prepped to begin first grade.  I received her teacher and schedule information this week.  This is really going to be interesting.
  • Baby A.’s birthday is next week!  She will be three!  You want to talk about a fast three years!  I am so looking forward to celebrating her.  Granted, it will be just core family as it was with J, but I know she will have a great time and I’m looking forward to celebrating her.
Soon to be 3!

Activity level: I had a full on dance party with my kids this week.  I’ve also been walking more and trying to get my body in prep mode.

Anything else: Nope, that’s pretty much it!
Have a great week!!

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