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Preggo Update #4: 27 weeks

Hi everyone!  Oh my goodness it has been a while!  I’m sorry I’m late on my updates.  It’s been a bit quiet and I have been a bit tired.  But I’m feeling better and am ready to share my updates with you! So let’s catch up, shall we?

How far along: We are 27 weeks and baby bean is the size of cauliflower.
Total weight gain: Welp, the doctor says I have gained 18 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy.  I’m sure I have gained a bit more this week.  I’ve wanted so many Slurpees and Slushies that it isn’t funny.

Maternity clothes: Yep.  The maternity clothes are every where.  I’m able to wear larger shirts and sweats, but on those days that I go in to the office, I try to dress a bit more professionally. Side note:  I purchased the head wrap from Amazon.  I love it.  So comfortable and so versatile with my outfits.  No kickbacks on this one, but I certainly want to share for those who are experiencing terrible COVID hair like me.

Stretch marks: Yes.  They are there and they are staying.  They refuse to go away lol.
Sleep: Okay.  I’m going to be honest.  My sleep journey has not been the best.  I have been snoring.  I mentioned to you all that I was going to take the sleep test.  It basically was no help.  Despite my oxygen dropping to 85% three times during the night, it didn’t fall in the criteria of needing a CPAP or follow-on study.  Still, I have woken myself snoring recently and my doctor has approved me to go for an independent study, which is what I will probably be doing soon.

Best moment(s) of this week: Monday was National S’mores Day.  I knew immediately that I was going to do S’mores for dinner, but it was 100 degrees outside.  There was NO way I was going to stand over heat outside for a few treats.  I decided to do the S’mores in the oven.  It was so quick and so simple.  Literally, you just assemble the s’mores and broil the marshmallow for 1-2 minutes.  The family loved them and have hinted that they want me to make more…which I totally will for some fun treats in the future.

Someone really enjoyed his first S’more.
I also had a fun time grabbing Slushies for the kids on my way home from grocery pickup.  I haven’t been inside the grocery store for quite some time.  I’ve preordered groceries and the attendants bring it to the car and place in the trunk which is so awesome and makes life so much easier.  On the way back, I decided to grab Slushies for the entire family.  They were really pleased even though they weren’t the authentic ones.  They worked for the duration.
There are two other ones in the cupholders.
Not so great moment(s) of this week: Oh my goodness.  So, as I shared, I went into the office for a brief meeting.  I had my mask on and was probably in the room for about 1-2 hours.  I completed my task and stopped by a coworker’s office to chat before leaving.  I wasn’t there more than 15 minutes.  As I left her office and walked out of the front lobby into the parking lot, I suddenly got very nauseous, everything went dark, and I could hear the blood rushing through my ears.  I just knew I was going to faint, so I slowly lowered myself to a sitting position on one of the parking cinders in front of the office until I felt better again (about five minutes later).  Still woozy and not quite 100% , I went to the car, turned the air on high and let it flow over me for a while until I was able to feel quite like myself again.  I’m not sure what that was–glucose dropping, low blood pressure.  But it was not fun and I ended up resting for the remainder of the evening when I got home.
Feeling much better in the A/C
I also developed some pretty fun back based pains while at home on Wednesday.  It took a bit of breathing and just sitting by myself comfortably, but I got through it.  It just reminded me that I have no intention of dealing with back labor if I can help it at all.
Gender: We’re still team green.

Any new symptoms: The back pain was definitely not expected this week, along with the consistent Braxton Hicks.  Usually, I get them right around 20 weeks consistently.  This time, I’m only experiencing them really well in week 27.  Funny how each pregnancy is different.

What I’m missing in this pregnancy: Girly things.  I haven’t had my hair professionally done since March.  I haven’t had a professional manicure or pedicure since well before then.  My social media timelines are full of young ladies who are out doing just that, but I also see stories of hairdressers and nail techs testing positive for COVID.  I’m just not ready to take the chance.  So it’s wraps for now.  I feel like I’m going to have to bite the bullet soon though.  My hair is bothering me and my psyche.

Cravings and Aversions: So, I suppose my iron has dropped again because I can’t get enough ice or ice cold things.  I have been crushing Tropical Smoothie Watermelon Mojito and Jetty Punches sans banana for weeks now.  I have also been stopping into my local convenience store for Cherry or Blue Raspberry Icees.  Funny tidbit, I have not been a fan of blue raspberry until I got pregnant.  My poot baby’s birth mark is going to look like an ice cube*.

*Old wives tale:  Whatever you are craving in pregnancy is what the baby will be.  With baby A., I craved blueberries the entire pregnancy.  Sure enough, she has a birth mark in the shape of a blueberry.  

What I’m looking forward to: This afternoon, the water ice people are supposed to be back in the neighborhood!  You all already know how great it was last time.  You already know I’m good to go for taking the kids and I over to the launching pad for yummy ice water treats.

Also, Bug has his High School Orientation next week!  We have to go there in person for staggered appointments, but I’m very excited to be able to celebrate this moment with him.  My Bug is about to start his first year of high school!  WOW!!!

Activity level: I really need to do better.

Anything else: Nope, that’s pretty much it!

Have a great week!!

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