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Second Trimester Faves for Pregnancy #4

Hi guys!  Tomorrow, God willing, I will have made it to the third trimester!  God is so great!  This pregnancy has not been all peaches and cream.  I owe part of that to the fact that I’m 40 this go around and I’m chasing after a husband and four additional children.  But we’re making it work, even in a pandemic.  And I have NO complaints!

Today, I thought it would be fun to share some of the products that have kept me sane this trimester that I believe may be a blessing for you as well.  I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama, A Little Bit of Everything, and Momfessionals because it’s a beautiful Friday!  Hope you enjoy the post.

1. Maxi Dresses

So, it’s no secret that I am not a fan of dresses.  No knock on them.  I’m just not too girly a girl.  But as my belly continued to grow, the need for flowy attractive dresses in summertime heat grew with it.  I found these beautiful dresses on Amazon.  They are comfortable, pair nice with long sleeve denim or professional white collars, and are very flattering.

2. Nursing Bras

I had to do it.  My bras were NOT going to cut it anymore.  My cup size has grown quite a bit and my regular bras would end up half way up my chest by day’s end.  The coverage was sloppy and just horrible.  I finally broke down and ordered these bras from Amazon.  They are comfortable, offer great support, were budget reasonable, and have been very comfortable.  

3. A comfy pillow

So I know most blogs and baby sites will advise you to purchase a pregnancy pillow.  Nope.  Not what has been working for me.  My son purchased this pillow for as a birthday gift from Walmart and it has changed my life!  I was having difficulty sleeping at night.  I used this pillow the first night and slept so well.  My other children keep trying to take it!  It’s soft, seems to keep me cool, has length, and is so easy to conform.  I looked at the pregnancy pillows before my son purchased this one.  I think I’ll take it over his every time.

4.  Comfortable underwear

I promise I forgot how important a good pair of underwear is in pregnancy.  You can still wear cute underwear, but you definitely want something that is functional.  I prefer high waisted undies because I like the comfort feel.  But I’m seeing pregnancy thongs out there as well.  That’s a hard pass for me, but feel free to stock up on what works for you.

5.  Insulated Travel Tumbler

I LOVE this tumbler!  Like the one that was given to me at the hospital, this 32 oz insulated travel mug is a huge fave.  Staying hydrated is SO important in pregnancy.  Fortunately for me, I actually love water and crave it during the day. I drain 2-3 of these a day, often times more.  This one is a definite get for your list!

6.  Smell goods.

One of the things I enjoy with this pregnancy is my hot shower and bath time.  I look forward to using aromatic fragrances that match my mood.  Right now, I am in absolute love with the Beautiful Day line at Bath and Body Works and the Midnight Path line for night time transitions.  It’s amazing how much a little fragrance can change your entire day.  

So here’s my list!  I hope it helps you on your pregnancy journey!  What items have been lifesavers for you in the second trimester?

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