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Weekend Recap: The Girls’ First Salon Visit

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  This weekend, I took the girls for their first professional hair appointment.  I was a bit worried because it is COVID season and I’ve been very careful about letting the girls out.  This is actually only the second or third time that they have been out of the house since March.  So, today was a treat for them–even masked.

I usually do the girls’ hair, but I am a bit limited in the styles that I can create for them, especially when it comes to my Honeybee.  So I decided that it was high time for a visit to the beauty salon.  There is one that has been recommended to me over and over again, but they’ve been closed with COVID.  I saw they recently reopened for hair care and I made an appointment for the girls.  They were awesome!!  

I let Miss Honeybee go first because it takes less time to do her hair and because I wanted her sister to see how she reacted to being in the chair.  Honeybee is chill in these circumstances and super girly, so she handled her first professional experience like a champ.  Her sister, on the other hand, was not a fan of the sink bowl and was nervous about the encounter.  She actually cried and screamed during the shampooing, but was right at home with the blow drying and styling.

Both girls came through with beautiful styles and I have already booked a follow-up in two weeks.  

After we finished the hair appointments, I took the girls to get something to eat from Chick-Fil-A curbside.  I wish I’d felt more comfortable taking them out somewhere, but I will do that later.  Part of the reason this memory meant so much to me was because I didn’t get to do this with my mom.  Long-term followers know that my great-grandmother raised me.  She was old school.  I didn’t get my hair done regularly until I was in the latter part of my senior year of high school.  I didn’t have my hair done regularly until I was in the latter part of my senior year of high school.  So, I didn’t have the fun experience of going out with my great grandmother and doing girly things.  

The fact that I get to do that with my kids now is such a blessing.  I look forward to all of the fun memories that we get to build together.  

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