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Back to School: First Day recap

Hi everyone!  We’re back and have survived the first day of school!  Today was the first day of virtual school for Bug and Honeybee.  This was a first for us, but we survived and I’m pleased the school district went virtual for the students during this pandemic.


A little information for you since everyone’s district is doing things differently.  Our school is doing 100% virtual until January 2021.  There is a possibility, if cases slow, of a hybrid model for elementary students which would allow a small group to attend in person if they choose to volunteer for that to see if it is feasible to return to school sooner.  That doesn’t seem likely right now, but you never know with 2020.  Bug and Honeybee will both have class with an instructor today and tomorrow.  Then, they will have work on your own packets for the remainder of the week that must be turned in on the respective due dates.  We’ll definitely see how this goes.

So, let’s recap Day 1.  So far, so good.  We were able to connect without issue.  We could hear the teachers and students.  There was a good amount of listening ears and quiet mouths.  It looked like it worked pretty well.

I got up about an hour before the kids just for morning routine and devotion time.  It was actually a bit earlier than planned because J woke up much earlier than he usually does.  He sat up for about 15 minutes and then I gave him a cup of milk before returning him to bed.  He slept for another three hours. I guess he heard the excitement and wanted to know what was going on.

S. woke the kids and had everyone complete their morning routine before coming downstairs for breakfast.  Both Bug and Honeybee wore their shirts playing on virtual learning and wifi signals.  

I have to say I love the shirts.  I saw a graphic on one of my timelines and asked a fellow mompreneur if she would be able to make for me.  She did and they were gorgeous!                    

Shirts courtesy of MinaCr8s

Helping his sister log on.


Breakfast.  This morning the kids special requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so I obliged. It’s not every day you start first and ninth grade.  We’ll do the extra stuff later.


Then we were off to class for Honeybee.  It was awesome.  I didn’t stay the entire time, but made sure to check in.  The teacher kept them engaged and really focused on the lesson.  She was fun, attentive, and patient.  I really like her.  Pretty soon, it was time for snack.  I gave her yogurt and a strawberry and banana smoothie.  Then, it was time to get back to work.


It was about this time that Bug logged into his classes for the day.  He had a little trouble at the beginning, but figured it out and was able to log in three minutes after the slated kick-off.  Most of his classmates experienced the same delay.

He had four teachers, four separate classes, and said each was pretty straightforward.  So far, so good.

Both kids had lunch which slightly overlapped.  Lunch was pizza, yogurt, smoothies, and fruit cups.  Everything was eaten with time to spare, so the kids relaxed for a bit before returning to the grindstone.

After Honeybee was done, she played a Math game on her computer and waited for her brother to be done.  It wasn’t too long before Bug finished his school day homework and assignments were completed.  

Bug volunteered to make dinner tonight which was hamburgers and baked beans with apple pie. It was so wonderful and such a nice gesture.  I promise he is the best son and the best big brother.

So, overall, it was a good day and I’m so happy my kids are still getting their education…even during COVID.

Did your babies return to school today?  Drop a comment and let us know how it went.

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