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My 2020 All Things Fall!

 Guys!  It’s FALL!!!  You ALREADY know.  There is no secret in this.  Fall is my season!  The earth tones, the cute sweaters and boots (oh my goodness, I love the boots), the crisp weather, the décor, and the KETTLE CORN!!  I am SO in love with this season!!!  So, it should definitely come as no surprise when I bring in my 2020 Fall things!

Fall Décor:  If you have followed the blog for a while, you know that I usually hold off on Fall decorations until the first week of October and let them stay up until after Thanksgiving.  This year, with cabin fever and COVID-19, it just seemed necessary to bring some Fall cheer into the home a little earlier this year.  Plus, the weather is actually cooperating this year, so it must be on board as well.
Now, saving money is a necessity these days, so I have been looking for cute pieces that won’t break the bank, but will put me in that Autumn frame of mind.  These pieces seem to fit the mold.  They are all under $30 and definitely make me think Fall.  My favorites of the pieces below has to be the set of four pillows and the interchangeable wreath/door décor.  Seriously, how cute, convenient, and inexpensive to be able to change out your interior seasonal décor without having to go out and buy additional pieces.  Love it.
1.  Walmart 4-piece throw pillow set | 2.  Dollar General Fall Hanging Sign | 3. Walmart Autumn Garland Lights

4. Target Gold Metal Bowl | 5. Walmart Plaid Fabric Pumpkins | 6.  Walmart 4-piece Interchangeable Wreath Decor 

No kickback on these pieces, all.  I am just really in love with them and thought I would share the feeling.

Fall Fashion:  I can’t even pretend.  You all know I love Fall fashion.  I am such a sweater, shawl, and boots girl.  The outfit just seems to be more than perfect for the weather and if you add it with a perfect cup of warm tea…you have a mini vacation.  Fall this year looks a little different since I’m pregnant, but I am all about sharing some cute outfits.
Red is such a favorite Fall color!

When I was pregnant with J.

I’ve been busy snatching pins from across Pinterest land from other Fall loving persons like myself.  Feel free to visit the boards and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy.
Fall Activities:  I’m a fan of all things bucket list, so I’ve done what I always do….Fall Bucket List it! I’ve shared this list from SimplyKierste.com in the past. It’s always a great start to Fall and always gives me motivation. I’m always thankful that she allowed me to share it on the site. That was the first year we were really able to do Fall things with our Honeybee!
Bucket List from Old Salt Farm

Because I am so into and in love with Fall, I have a few Fall Bucket List Activities of my own as well as some great pins from curators across the net.  Definitely check these out.

Fall Recipes: Every year I share some of my favorite fall recipes from pinners all around the world.  My absolute favorite method is crock pot.  My family already knows that cooler weather means chilis and soups, beef recipes, and apple desserts.  This board has just a few of my favorites just for you.

And just in case you need a few additional recipes to tickle your Fall palate, this may be just what you are looking for.

Fall Devotions:  One thing this season teaches is how absolutely beautiful change is.  The leaves, the weather, the season itself.  Fall is beautiful and it’s only appropriate to share some beautiful lessons of God with it.  These are a few pins from various pinners across the world that I think you would like to view.

And, if you want to see a few Fall activities for toddlers or a few other Fall things, check out the entire board!  So there you go!  All things Fall for the best season ever!

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