2020 family Pregnancy #4 pregnancy update

Preggo #4: 31 Weeks

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Hello everyone.  What a wild week it’s been.  It was the second week of virtual learning.  It is definitely different, but it hasn’t been that bad at all.  The kids’ teachers are all very engaging and I enjoy the work modules that have been presented.  I’m really enjoying.


Total weight gain:  I weighed 163 last week.  I look huge now, so I’m quite sure the baby has had a growth spurt.
Maternity clothes: Yep!  Every day, all day.  Let me show you one of my favorites.
Pregnant black woman, natural hair, giving left profile pic of belly

Remember when I told you about the maternity dresses I purchased a couple of weeks ago.  I finally took the time to wear this one and I loved it.  It was so comfortable, flattering, and cute.  This one is definitely a keeper.  (No ads or promotion kickbacks, just letting you know that it’s awesome!)
Stretch marks: Retiring this one.  We already know they are there.
Sleep: Okay, I promise to no longer be skeptical about Hypnobirthing.  The past few nights I’ve listened to the Hypnobirthing meditation right before I try to dose off.  I promise I am knocked out!  I slept so well the other night that it was amazing.  Hmmm, maybe there is something to this after all.

Best moment(s) of this week:  I caught this awesome video of J loving on his baby sibling in the womb.  It was so perfect.                                   

One more:  I became an auntie again!  My big brother and his beautiful wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  She is so precious and I’m so happy for them!
Not so great moment(s) of this week: My anxiety has been on level 10 this week.  I really need a way to calm down.

Gender: We’re still team green.

Any new symptoms: I had legit contractions!  They weren’t BHs, but the real deal dull menstrual like cramps.  We have a while to go, but my body is letting me know it’s getting ready.

Any prep for baby:  I purchased the Dr. Thompson’s Breastfeeding Method because I really want to go past 4 months this time and I don’t want shredded nipples in the process (sorry about the TMI).  Her program has been touted across countless natural forums, so I’m willing to give it a go.

Cravings and Aversions: Watermelon smoothies 😔. But the season has ended and they are no longer available.
What I’m looking forward to: Bug turning 14.  I was looking at pictures from his birth and it is amazing to me that he is turning 14.  My baby boy is now about to be a young man in earnest.  Wow.

Activity level: I still get tired but I’m trying to make sure I increase that movement.

Anything else: Nope!  That’s it!

Have a great week!! We’ll talk to you soon!

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