2020 Bug family time Honeybee Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Girls’ Time

 Hi everyone!  This weekend was really awesome as I got to spend time with my baby girls doing girly things.  I love doing this so much and I always love the memories we have when this happens.

.Saturday morning, I woke the girls up early so that they could do a quick wash up, brush their teeth, change their clothes, and come downstairs for breakfast.  I usually do “big breakfast” on Saturdays, but because their appointment was at 8AM and it was already 7:15-ish, I settled on pancake and sausage on a stick, fruit cocktail, and juice.  Everyone cleaned up their respective areas and we were out the door.

We started by washing Honeybee’s hair.  She has less hair than her sister and it helps her sister put on a brave face…somewhat.  She HATES getting her hair washed.  The picture above was shortly after her hair was washed and she was sitting in the chair getting braided.  The facial expression says it all.  She was not thrilled with the wash experience.

It didn’t take long at all to do the girls’ hair and afterwards I decided to spend some one on one time with the girls.  They asked if we could swing by the local fast food place for fruit punch slushies.  So, that’s what we did.  We picked up the slushies through drive up and then went to a nice shaded parking lot to sit, chat, and enjoy each other’s company since choices were still kind of limited with COVID-19.

Selfie Time!

When we got home, the girls decided to raid my closet and their own to play dress up.  I’m so glad that they still prefer imagination play to screen time.  My Honeybee really is her own fashionista.  They played for a while and then we spent the evening with some family time before I put the kids down and rested on my own.

Sunday morning, we all woke up for virtual church.  As you can see from the laptop, we connected it to the TV in the living room so that everyone could watch together.  Every first Sunday of the month, Pastor asks all the people born in that month to stand so that the church can sing ‘happy birthday’ to them.  My son turns 14 this week and was so excited to stand and wave 😂.  We spent time together just hanging out and doing some well needed house cleaning.  
Afterwards, I needed to catch up on some last minute school work.  I have to tell you that I am loving this course.  I’m learning so much about marketing segmentation and the psychological aspects of it.  Anyway, while the kids rested, I  knocked out two quizzes and a couple of discussion board forums. When I was done, we had the younger kids go downstairs and play while Bug, S., and I watched the Old Guard.  S. had seen it before.  We had not.  It was a good movie and I have to say I’m looking forward to the sequel.
Movie done, we called it a night and were thankful for a fun night with the family!

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