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Let’s Talk: Presidential Debate

Let’s Talk:  Presidential Debate

Last night, the country sat down in front of televisions and electronic devices to tune into the first of three Presidential debates commenced to help voters decide for whom they would cast their vote.  It was a disaster.

Despite a reminder by Chris Wallace, who served as moderator, that both sides were to allow uninterrupted answers for 2 minutes and then open discussion, the debate quickly dissolved into insults and talking over each other.  Issues were vaguely discussed, if at all.  Simple questions became insults.  Questions on race dissolved into the blame game.  It was a mess!

No one has asked me thoughts, but I’m going to write them here and then leave it alone.  It is a sad state of affairs when a debate used to determine the representative in the highest office in the nation on a worldwide platform is reduced to family jabs, insults, and disrespect.  Regardless of political affiliation, no one walked away in higher esteem in my eyes last night.  It was disappointing and a sad acknowledgement to the fact that this is the “best” our nation has to offer for political candidacy in a time where unity and healing is sorely needed.

What a horrible disgrace.


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