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Preggo #4: 34 weeks…well…35

Preggo #4:  34 weeks…well…35

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Hi everyone. I hope you are having a great week.  It’s been interesting for us.  We went to the doctor and were told we were measuring ahead two weeks.  Then our due date was changed to a couple of days early and suddenly our week 34 update became Week 35.  Yep, I’ve been pushed up and so this update is actually a two in one.


Total weight gain: This week’s appointment had me at 171 pounds.  I have no idea where I am on the total weight, but I am definitely up there.  My blood pressure has been cooperating as well.  Today, we were 112/74 which a bit higher than normal for me, but well within normal range.
Maternity clothes
This week has definitely been a Fall week and I am enjoying it.  I was able to wear my green tunic shirt and pregnancy jeans.  I looked so Fall🍂🍁and I was loving it.  What I didn’t love was my shoes!  Guys, I bought a cute pair of flats from Amazon in July.  Today, the sole gave out completely on both!  I was so upset!  I mean I only paid $20 for them, but I expected longer wear than 3 months.  Sigh.

Sleep: I LOVE my son!!  You all remember the maternity body pillow he bought me for my birthday?  Well, our lovely little A. had an accident on it and I had to wait until it was washed and dried properly.  Bug made sure to run it through the wash for me and have it properly dried.  I had the BEST sleep ever!  That thing is definitely a life saver!!  I sleep so much better with it than without it!
Best moment(s) of this week: Virtual church revival.  What an amazing Word that was received, especially the second night.  Ya’ll know that my faith is so important to me.  I am nowhere near perfect, but I definitely love and fear the Lord.  The  Word received was beautiful and so on time!

Not so great moment(s) of this week: The kids are getting very antsy.  It’s hard being locked in a house day after day.  There isn’t really any outdoor time.  You’re limited to who you can see and with whom you can interact.  As such, the kids have a horrible case of cabin fever and have been arguing nonstop with each other.  They really need some space from one another, but they are limited in what they can do until everyone receives the all clear.  I try to take them out solo for needed errand runs.  This week I took Bug out to accompany me on a ten minute trip.  It was nice just to get out the house.  I purposely stopped to get frozen icees so he and I could have some uninterrupted mommy-son time.  

Gender: We’re still team green.
Any new symptoms: So, my contractions came back.  They are still dull and never progress beyond 30 minutes apart, but yep.  They definitely make an impact.
Any prep for baby: I’m finally started doing serious countdown stuff.  I pre-registered for the birth at the hospital.  I’m starting to write my birth preferences per my doctor’s request.  I am doing the transition of my work to my support while gone.  I’m selecting a couple of nice items to go into the labor and delivery bag.  I usually do frozen meals in prep for baby so that we don’t have to worry about cooking.  I don’t think I’m doing that this time.  It is definitely useful but I’ve not had the energy I would like to do so.  I would also like to get a mobile detailer to come over and detail the sedan.  I would prefer to take the SUV to the hospital, but either way, the sedan needs a GOOD cleaning!
Cravings and Aversions: I still want ice.  What’s weird is I no longer want the fruit as bad as I did a couple of weeks ago.
What I’m looking forward to: It’s October.  I’ve linked up with A Little Bit of Everything to share Fall pictures.  I always enjoy these challenges and I’m looking forward to sharing these and also to decorating.  

Activity level:  Nope.  I’m just going to be honest.  This has not been the most active pregnancy.  Hopefully, that won’t bite me in the butt later.
Anything else:  I need these kids to get along!!!!

Have a wonderful week!!

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