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Preggo #4: 37 weeks

 Hello everyone!  I hope you are having a great week.  We’ve made it to week 37 and it’s been interesting to say the least.  Weekly appointments, due date discussions, contractions. It’s been something.                                  

Total weight gain: This week’s appointment had me at 173 pounds.  Baby measured about 6 pounds, 12 ounces.  I’m definitely feeling the extra weight.

Maternity clothes:  I am definitely all in with maternity clothes.  I had to go into the office on Tuesday and was comfortable enough to wear a dress with leggings and a cardigan (no pic though 😢).  I was super excited that I could dress a bit warmer.  We’ve had the conversation over and over again about my love of Fall.  So, the brisk weather on Tuesday combined the clouds from remnants of Hurricane Delta made a nice change of seasonal pace.

Sleep: Definitely getting more sleep, but not sure I’d call it comfortable sleep.  I’m using my maternity pillow that my son purchased and I sleep in front of a box fan.  I usually get more rest sleeping this way.

Best moment(s) of this week: Girl Time.  I sat the girls down to do their hair because it was going to be another several days before they had a professional do (moisture treatment).  We did it while my S. and Bug put together new cat trees and condos for the fur babies because they’ve gotten WAY too big for the ones we had, plus they’ve destroyed them as they have gotten older.
She wanted puffs.

She just wanted to feel pretty

The cat trees turned out really nice too.  They’re a bit cautious around it, but they like it.
It’s taller than he is!

The smaller one is for resting when they are upstairs.

Not so great moment(s) of this week: Mannnn, my pelvic bones were not happy.  They started slowly separating and on Tuesday regular movements hurt SO bad.  I was at a meeting and sat in my chair for about 40 minutes.  When I tried to get up, it was so painful that it took several separate movements to get it done.  I had to go to the bathroom and stood there for a few minutes trying to convince my brain that the pain would be worth it to move to the bathroom.  Then, trying to drive home was such a horrid experience.  I drove slower than usual because it hurt so badly. I came home, made it inside, and eventually lay down until I felt better.

Gender: We’re still team green.
Any new symptoms: The whole pelvic region pain thing was NOT good!
Any prep for baby: Still haven’t packed but I have been looking at new car seat and a baby swing because both will definitely be needed.

Cravings and Aversions:  Friday, I really wanted pizza, but I wanted pizza my way.  AND I wanted to spend time with the family for family night.  So, I pulled out a couple of premade pizza crusts with several toppings and the family made pizza.  I had a pepperoni and cheese pizza with black olives.  No one likes olives but me, so I was SUPER happy.  It was also awesome to make pizzas with the kids.  They had a ball.

What I’m looking forward to: Spending time with the family without quarantine.  Seeing this baby.  I really looking forward to holding the new baby.
What I am not looking forward to:  Contractions

Activity level: Much slower with the pelvic pain.  

Anything else: Not that I can think of!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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