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Weekend Recap: The Preparation Edition

 Hi everyone.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.  It was definitely a busy one for us.  I was pretty sure I might actually start labor this weekend because I had a SERIOUS case of nesting!

I woke up Saturday morning about two hours later than I usually do.  I don’t know why I slept in, but I was thankful for the extra time.  Bug was in the kitchen and decided to make pancakes for the family, which was very sweet of him.  I went upstairs to take care of J. and suddenly was filled with an intense desire to clean everything.  Everywhere I looked, the house seemed in need of a deep clean. And I began immediately.

First, I had to vacuum.  I used the industrial one that we have because the regular commercial vacs that we have just weren’t doing it for me.  We got the rooms scrubbed to my satisfaction, but I wasn’t done.  I really wanted to shampoo the carpets (we own a carpet cleaner too lol), but S. didn’t think it was a good idea as he thought I would go into early labor.  Meh…it could happen.

I decided that I would put together the baby swing for the baby.  My awesome son wouldn’t hear of me doing it solo, so he asked if he could take lead.  Of course!

He did a phenomenal job and even asked to put the carseat in the car.  I helped with both, but it’s awesome to see that Bug is excited and to get a glimpse in the future of the type of husband and father he will be.

Later, I decided that I needed to repack my labor and delivery bag.  So, I pulled out everything, photographed, catalogued it, and repacked.  I think we’re ready to go minus snacks.  I desperately need to purchase and pack snacks.  Seriously.

I promise to share what’s in there.  I just haven’t had the time to write that one yet.

I picked up these beauties to give to our Labor and Delivery staff after delivery.  They were so hard even without a pandemic.  I just want to let them know how much I appreciate their care while I am there.
Photo cred:  Sugar Me Sweets Baking Co
The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful.  With COVID, we stayed in the house and didn’t do a Fall Festival or a Joy Night.  No worries.  It was fun just staying at home with the family.
So tell me!  What did you this weekend?

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