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Christmas Recap Part 1: Prep Mode

Hello!  What a blessing it has been to celebrate Christmas this year.  2020 has been unlike any in recent memory.  With all of the quarantining and restrictions, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I was determined to make it something memorable for the family.

Isaiah 7:14 scripture over a pine tree branch background


Christmas week started off beautifully.  We woke up Sunday morning, watched our church service on livestream and enjoyed a wonderful sermon. My father in love was the speaker that morning and his sermon showing the correlation of the beginning (Genesis) to Christmas was very well done.  As my father in love needed to pick up some things from my husband, he came over to the house.  It was supposed to be a drive by and keep going, but there was no way we were going to let him leave without seeing his newest granddaughter.  So, we made sure everyone was safe and did just that.

Elder man holding infant
Meeting Baby Girl…

Elder man holding infant sitting beside toddler, preschooler, and high school aged children
Grandpa and grandkids


Matthew 1:21 written over a snowy landscape with pine trees and snowbanks
Monday morning, our family woke up to a beautiful surprise.  The peace lily below was given to us three years ago when my mother in love passed away from terminal breast cancer.  She passed the day after Christmas 2017.  My company sent this gift as a condolence offering.  It produced its first spathe (white hood) this week.  I felt like it was my mother in love letting us know that she was still with us.
It’s officially time to replant

Tuesday morning, I woke up to this beautiful girl stealing away for alone cuddle time with Mommy. I try to recognize when my kids need a little more one on one time.  My little A. needed a hug.  So we cuddled for a while just talking about Christmas and all that we wanted to do for the holiday.  She was happy and I was so in love with the the time.

I was a bit disappointed on Tuesday, though.  For a couple of weeks media had been touting the appearance of a interstellar showing of a celestial event that could have possibly been what the wise men identified as the “Star of Bethlehem”.  Two planets would align in such proximity as to present the appearance of one giant star.  This was the first time in almost 800 years.  And while, there will be another similar event 20 years from now, there won’t be one of the same magnitude until March 2080.  So, I REALLY wanted to see this one.  Despite a clear sky, I didn’t see it and was so disappointed.  Fortunately, my cousin posted some beautiful shots on social media.  It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.


Wednesday morning,.  Soon enough it was time to run a few Christmas errands.  I needed to grab a few menu items from the grocery store that I’d forgotten.  I don’t know why I didn’t suspect traffic would be busy being it was Christmas Eve Eve, but….yeahhhhhh
Traffic going into the shopping center
So much traffic!
I got the last food items and was about to head out the door when I discovered the best Christmas snack ever!  Christmas Tree Cakes 😍🎄😍!  Seriously, I’ve looked everywhere for these beauties since before Thanksgiving.  Everyone has been sold out!  Here they were on display and on sale on top of that!  I purchased a couple boxes and even tried a new treat.  I hadn’t tried the Snowflake brownies, but they were very good as well.

Once I got back home, it was time to begin baking.  This year I definitely went overboard.  I baked seven pies.  Yep, three sweet potato, two apple, and one pecan. What can I say?  Baking is my happy place.  
Sweet potato ready to go in.


After baking, the family settled down to catch up on the evening news.  While we were there, I saw the anchor wearing the beautiful red dress below. 
I posted about the dress on my IG pages and you guys are amazing!  Not only did you find the dress here, but you also found another one that was also beautiful.  I now have Valentine’s or date night dress ideas!  Thanks so much 💓.  (No commission or kick back, guys.  I just love the dress!)
Lace Bandage Dress at Venus

That’s the first half of our Christmas week! I’ll share our Christmas Eve and Christmas day this week!

Have a beautiful day.

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