baby milestones month update Shirley-Ann

Shirley-Ann turns one month!

    We’ve made it to one month!  I apologize for not updating like I should, but when you’re at home during a pandemic with 5 children including a newborn and one other in diapers, well things can get a bit hectic.  I’m not complaining at all.  I am loving this new life and I can’t wait to share it with you.

baby girl laying on Boppie

     Life with Shirley-Ann is a series of scheduling and making sure the other children know they are still loved and cared for.  It’s pretty easy to eek out time right now as everyone is sequestered in the house and the baby still sleeps a lot.  

baby girl laying downInfant girl stares at mobile over swing

The best thing about the pandemic is the family gets to spend a lot of time together getting to interact with the baby.  The girls are obviously smitten with her and can’t wait to see her when she wakes in the morning.  Her oldest brother is a great help and though he prefers to help with the older kids, he loves holding his newest sister.  Truthfully, we all do.

Big sister holds infant sister in lap Father holds newborn daughter

Mother holds newborn daughter

     Shirley-Ann hasn’t met too many people with the pandemic.  My honorary parents did a drive by in the driveway with masks so they could see her.  One of my sister-friends who delivered her baby a month prior to mine stopped by and got to see her.  My mother and father have only seen her through video conferences and photos. The same goes for my NC family.  None of them have seen her nor did they get to see me pregnant.

Pregnant mom standing beside toddler boy

These days I am enjoying Miss Shirley-Ann’s smile and her personality.  She loathes hiccups which is uncomfortable for her because she gets them daily.  She’s crushes 4-6 ounces with formula and about 8-10 minutes nursing.  We supplement because she has a poor latch and can’t draw the milk out of my breast.  Pumps aren’t helping, so we let her nurse and then feed.  She’s growing by leaps and bounds though, so she is certainly getting fed.

Her first doctor appointment saw her grow a full inch and add a pound of weight.  We will be returning in a few weeks and I will be interested in seeing how much she has grown since then.

I’m looking forward to letting the family spend time with the baby after this pandemic is officially over.  Until then, I’ll keep updating here and praying for great and wonderful days.

We’ll be talking to you soon!


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