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Friday Favorites: 01.15.21

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 Yay!  It’s Friday!  We made it!  Honeys, I am so ready for this three-day weekend (that incidentally I forgot was a three-day weekend until my coworker reminded me because #sleepdeprivation is real).  

This is my first Friday Favorites of the new year.  I’m linking with the lovely ladies over at Mix and Match Mama, A Little Bit of Everything, and Momfessionals.

I hope you have an absolutely amazing weekend and enjoy the post.

How absolutely appropriate that Monday will honor Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Target has opened and unveiled their Black History Month campaign and products and I am in LOVE.  My lovely friend Kesha shared this post on her feed of all the great items that company is stocking in their stores.


One of the things I love the most about the campaign is the designs were all by students and alum of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  As a proud graduate of the largest HBCU in the nation (North Carolina A&T State University), I definitely approve! Great job, Target!

This week was spot on for warm and hearty soups.  All week we’ve dealt with chillier wind temperatures.  So it was no surprise for my family to see warm bowls of comfort in front of them for dinner.  I started with this recipe for Creamy Tortellini Soup from Damn Delicious.  I love her site because her recipes are always easy to follow and flavorful.  Plus, they usually require ingredients that are already in my kitchen.  Bonus points that it also exists as a great base in case I feel adventurous.
Tortellini soup with spinach and tomatoes

I loved this soup because it was stove to table in thirty minutes.  It called for sausage, but my family enjoys a robust meat flavor so I added some bacon as well.  I subbed baby spinach for kale because I’m not as big a fan of the kale.  It still tasted very good and there were no leftovers, which definitely says something.
I followed up with something I have NEVER done before…a crockpot shrimp boil!  Guys!  It was SO YUMMY!  Seriously, I’ve done a Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil , but never even thought about it in a crock pot.  It makes so much sense and the house…smelled…so…dang…good😋.  Also a recipe from Damn Delicious. Incidentally, I have pinned these recipes and TONS of others for your viewing pleasure.  Feel free to peruse below!
While we’re on the subject of food, are you guys following the hot cocoa bomb trend?!  This trend was only recently introduced to me.  It’s been so fun watching the videos online with the girls and seeing the yummy treats adding to the hot chocolate goodness on cold mornings. I got to thinking that I’d like to try one or two with my littles and was very fortunate to discover one of my local businesses has them.

I asked her for french vanilla, red velvet, and cookies and cream.  Guys….no joke.  They are fantastic.  I love the Red Velvet ones because it adds such a pleasant depth of flavor to my hot chocolate and such a beautiful red color that makes me think of Valentine’s Day.  I promise I will be getting a couple of these for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.  If you’re interesting in trying one or five, her information is here.  I definitely recommend.
Recently, I shared with you all the struggle I’ve been have having with my daughter’s eczema.  When the seasons change so does her skin.  We’ve visited allergists and dermatologists.  We’ve seen the top eczema experts in the nation.  All give recommendations that work for a season and then….it gets bad again.  Really bad….

The pictures above are of her recent flare.  She’s been itching like crazy and aside from the bleach baths, nothing really seemed to be helping.  The mother of a young entrepreneur (Sarah E’s Scented Body Butter Fragrances) I know recommended I try her daughter’s all natural body butter.  It’s an all natural shea butter base.  Since Shea Butter is known to have many benefits including anti-inflammatory and moisturizing attributes, and because Honeybee’s skin was looking horrible, I was more than ready to try it.  It has definitely been making an impact.

The pictures show that the flares are looking less angry and raw.  They’ve stopped most of the weeping.  I moisturized her skin after this pic, but I wanted you to see that it is indeed working.  Best of all, baby girl isn’t itching so much anymore.  That’s a bigger win than most especially without the application of topical steroids.  In addition to the natural and fragrance free option I use for Honeybee, the shop offers tons of other choices in familiar fragrances.  I’m tagging them here in case you’re interested in supporting a young kidpreneur who really does have a product that works.
I am so excited to share this final favorite with you!  If you follow me on Instagram, then it is no secret that I have loved sharing pics of our infant daughter with you.  I was recently invited to visit Tiny Toddler to see if I liked their clothing and accessories selection.  The answer was a resounding YES!  

I fell head over heels for this adorable little bunny jumpsuit for Shirley-Ann.  It was so pretty and so soft.  It’s been a bit nippy with the wind chill lately and this was the perfect outfit for that.  The quality was nice as well. The material felt heavier than what I was expecting and that was perfect because I definitely don’t want light linen when the wind is roaring here.  
I’m particularly fond of the headband that goes with it.  It’s a tie strip and I loved that it didn’t leave an indentation around her skin as I’ve noticed with some other tie strip headbands.  She received SO many compliments when I dressed her in it prior to her well baby checkup.  I just LOVE it!  
Now, let me tell you the best thing about this company, the reason I will continue to purchase clothes with them… 25% of every purchase is donated to global charities focused on supporting homeless and abandoned children and families at risk.  Any company that has philanthropy at its core and has clothes that look good on my littles is a definite win for me.  AND, I liked the product line so much that signed up for their coupon code!  If you use the code ShirleyAnn15, you’ll get 15% off every purchase!!!  Just click HERE and remember to enter your coupon code! *Affiliate* 

Oh my!  I almost forgot.  You guys asked if I could provide information on the Valentine’s outfit I posted on my IG page  

This beautiful set is from Sparkle in Pink.  You’ve seen them over and over again on this blog.  The set above is available on their site in sizes 18m-14 years.  The best part?  It’s only $19.99 plus tax and can be paid for with Sezzle!  They have a full Valentine’s  section and I highly recommend you go over before they sell out!  This is not an affiliate suggestion.  Just a sharing of a great deal!.
I’ll be doing a full Valentine’s Day post next week, so stay tuned for that!
In the meantime, you guys have an amazing weekend and I will speak to you soon!

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