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New Year, New Opportunities

Hello everyone!  Happy 2021!  Wow, can you believe I just typed that?  Two thousand twenty-one.  It is the year 2021.  I remember being a child and thinking how far away the year 2000 was from my youth.  Now, it’s 2021 and honeys…I am STILL young 😁!  This first post of the new year comes with so much hope and promise.  2020 was a different kind of year for everyone.  I don’t think anyone expected the year to be what it was.  But God has allowed us to see another new year when so many didn’t.  I don’t take that for granted.


Toward the end of 2020, I shared a post about a friend who inspired me to live each day like it was my last because of the unexpectedness of his passing.  I still intend to do that.  I don’t really do new year resolutions.  I haven’t done them in many years.  BUT I do set goals for myself that I hope to achieve.  This year is no different, and has an even more special meaning in doing so.

So, what’s on the agenda this year? I’m dividing them into five categories:  Personal, Business, Spiritual, Marriage, and Family.  Nothing super fancy, but I’m looking forward to sharing.

  • Develop a consistent morning routine.
  • Develop a consistent night routine.
  • Be early by 15 minutes for work
  • Once a month, have a lunch or dinner with friends
  • Try something new every day

  • Update social media management business website
  • Acquire 5 monthly accounts and 35 one-time content development jobs
  • Earn Hootsuite professional certification
  • Explore monetizing options
  • Seek ways to engage in current position
  • Develop a consistent Bible study routine
  • Develop a consistent prayer life
  • Focus more on the will of God


  • Plan a monthly date night
  • Consistently communicate with active listening
  • Actively communicate in my husband’s love language
  • Sit down and plan/update our short and long-term goals
  • Show affection often

  • Develop a consistent night routine
  • Have “unplugged” time 
  • Engage in more quality time family activities
  • Volunteer as a family

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