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Friday Favorites 3.19.21

Friday Favorites 2.26.21

Hey guys! We’ve made it to another Friday, and I am so happy about it. It has absolutely been the busiest week and I’m ready for a bit of down time. I am linking with the lovely ladies at Mix and Match Mama, A Little Bit of Everything, and Momfessionals to share a few of this week’s favorites with you.

So, this week found me loving all things small business and/or cute because…oh my goodness. Remember when this beautiful number made it’s way to my mailbox?

Black short sleeved T-shirt with "I'd Rather Stay Home. It's Too Peopley Out Here".
My introverted dream

I purchased it from the online shop of a great sister-friend because it matched my introverted qualms to perfection. I couldn’t wait to wear it and the weather cooperated beautifully this week.

I love this shirt so much!

Okay, I fully admit to feeling myself just a little bit. Seriously, the shirt is comfortable, flattering, has the heavier cloth feel and not that light really thin poor quality cotton feel. I get no kickbacks or anything for sharing. But I do want you to check out the shop because OH MY GOODNESS! I promise I’m going back for more cuteness.

Last week, I went into the office for my weekly competency sync where I received news that I would be temporarily supporting a new program office. The information kind of shook me a bit, as you guys know I’m not a big fan of change. Amazingly, one of my coworkers presented me with the most wonderful gifts to remind me that I am not alone at all and that I didn’t have to worry.

This beautiful gift states Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. This perfect reminder is so timely and I have worn this reminder several time since receiving it. As you see, the creator of this gift is from a company called Memgift. I’d never heard of them previously, but am certainly a fan now. You can find them here on Amazon.com

We had some beautiful weather recently and I was able to take advantage of it. You all know I’m a fan of maxi dresses because they are so flattering. Well, I wore an oldie-but-goodie when I dawned this Hello Miz maternity dress. Yes, I said maternity. I still flatters and looks amazing on me even though I am no longer with child nor child-bearing weight.

Speaking of flattering items, look what came in the mail this week. I’m always on the lookout for small businesses with cute items and this shop didn’t disappoint. This track suit is vibrant in color, comfortable in wear, and very body flattering. The shop has quite a few pieces that don’t disappoint and they are also pretty affordable. Plus, if you click on this link, you’ll get 15% off your items! Full disclosure though. This site has a long lead of 10 days to 3 weeks.

I think this is my favorite favorite of the week. Easter is coming! I love this holiday so much. It is my favorite if for no other reason than God is so amazing and His son Jesus deserves all the praise! So, when I saw these shirts, I was moved and absolutely have them on my purchase list.

I’ve actually purchased clothes from here before. The shop is Love in Faith Clothing. Every single peace I have ever ordered from this site has been quality and faith-inspired. It is inexpensive and truly tugs at your heart strings. I definitely recommend your visiting this site because you will not regret this one.

So here you go! My Friday Faves. I hope you have a great weekend and feel free to visit again soon!

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