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Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. It was such a beautiful day. Despite our having to work and being inundated with family things, my husband managed to make the day amazing for us without even trying.

So, what has year nine taught us? A lot actually. We are full circle from a year ago when I shared this post from our first wedding anniversary in quarantine. Then I was sharing that God was still good and He absolutely STILL is! We have been very blessed in year nine of our marriage. We have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with each other, learning each other, growing with each other all over again. It has been such a blessing.

We’re almost done with our Chronological Year through the Bible plan. The boys actually got ahead of me by a few days. So, we’ll do a final sit down and celebrate Bible discussion very soon.

So how did my dear and wonderful husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary? By spending time together. It started with breakfast. S. and I both had a busy day of telework and the kids a full schedule of virtual or in-home learning. S. asked if I would like for him to grab IHOP for breakfast and I jumped at the chance. It’s been longer than a while since our last IHOP run and I felt a hankering for the an omelette with everything. When he returned, these beautiful lovelies accompanied him.

I love roses.

I thanked him for the roses and then managed to actually eat while working on evil documents and holding a 5 month old. I loved it! Later, after everything was settled, we decided to get dinner at a restaurant that had been recommended by friends. We didn’t want extra dressy or super stuffy. This was our first time out -out since the pandemic. We wanted to go somewhere where we could enjoy each other’s company and enjoy good food as well.

Everything was so yummy.

There is a restaurant a few miles over called Sedona Taphouse that several of my friends and family have raved about since its opening a few years ago. I was supposed to have visited prior to the pandemic and missed the opportunity when things shut before I got a chance to go over there. We both decided tonight was the night.

The food was fantastic. My martini was amazing. My date was sexy and we conversed about everything under the sun without interruption. It was beautiful. [And] Now, it’s time for my annual favorite marriage memories.

Nine Favorite Memories From Marriage Year Number Nine

  • Discovering I was pregnant and sharing that news with S. and our loved ones.
  • Watching S. interact with the kids in spontaneous fun during the pandemic.
  • The birth of Shirley-Ann. He was such a great support for me.
  • The surprise 40th birthday party via Zoom.
  • S. helping me with a final project by lending his video editing expertise.
  • Our family Bible study times.
  • The family Zoom prayer line.
  • The fun of Fantasy Football League during a pandemic
  • Father’s Day and the look of joy in S.’s eyes with all of his children surrounding him.

So there you have it. Our year 9. I could post forever, but I think the post I shared with him on our anniversary says it best.

Thanks for reading!


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