2021 Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

My husband and our children…

Fathers Certainly Deserve This Day

Okay, I get it. I see the commercials where the dads get ties and cheesy cards. I also hear the comedians joke about never being able to receive anything as nice as their wives, girlfriends, and mothers. I can definitely understand that. It almost seems an after thought sometimes for some people, but I have to say that fathers absolutely deserve this day.

S. is the best dad with our kids–often being the “fun” one. You can catch him coming up with fun games, playing basketball with the kids, staying outside, and coming up with spur of the moment family trip activities that the kids really enjoy. If you ask them, they’ll have tons of reasons about what Daddy is so great.

Daddy is nice to me and he loves me. He also gives me good food.


Daddy plays basketball with me


S. also makes sure to teach the children valuable lessons that will help them to grow into productive adults. I love watching the conversations he and our oldest son have. Sometimes I can tell that out son doesn’t quite appreciate them as much as he could. But there have been so many instances when he has come back with understanding of what his fathers were telling him. That is the best part of being a father on Father’s Day.

My Father’s Day Wishes For All The Fathers and Father-Figures

May your day be blessed. May it be filled with the love that you give to your children and those children who are in your charge. May your children call you blessed. May they be a legacy of good, strength, and joy. May this Father’s Day be exactly what you desire it to be.


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