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Happy International Picnic Day!

Happy International Picnic Day!
Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Hi everyone! Happy International Picnic Day! I had no idea this day existed until I received a Google Calendar alert about a week ago, but I am more than here for it! I haven’t had a picnic in forever and this day is the perfect excuse for me to spend some outdoor time with the littles later today. While I’m dreaming of picnic fun, I decided to share a few picnic ideas so that you can join in the fun.

Temps Over Trendy

When I think of picnics, I think of these adorable little wicker baskets a la Little Red Riding Hood brimming with cute little wrapped sandwiches, salads, and yummy desserts. And we can still have that…but safety first. We want something that’s going to keep cool foods cool and warm food not and warm until it’s time to eat. I was searching the Internet and I found this.

It’s an insulated picnic basket with a collapsible handle. Basically, it’s an insulated lunch cooler surrounded by wicker. This one is the perfect size for this excursion and is currently on sale at Wayfair for $46. No kickbacks or commissions, I just think this is a really cute basket. If you want something less expensive, still cute, and not wicker, I have you covered there too. Again, there are no kick backs or commissions for this. I am just sharing some of really cute baskets for you. My absolute favorite is the first one in gray but I can appreciate the large size of the last one because…family of 7 trips needs lots of space.

Check out these picnic baskets here

Bring on the Vittles

The great thing about picnics is depending on the occasion and the participants, you can make it your own. Cute little sandwiches and cheeses? Check. Grapes, wine, and chocolate covered strawberries? Check. You can make it your own. For my picnic with the littles, I’m planning some of their favorites.

If you’ve been around a while then you know that I am NOT a fan of chicken….at all. But the kids enjoy it–in seasons lol. So, I’m planning chicken nuggets for little fingers. I’m also purchasing a bottle of their favorite Chick-Fil-A sauce from our local store. There are still a few bottles available despite the Chick-Fil-A sauce shortage.


The last time I did a family picnic, I got a couple of Wawa subs and divided them for the kids. It was a huge hit. So, I plan on doing the same for the older children. If you’d prefer to make your own subs, go for it! Also, if you don’t have a Wawa in your area, Subway or your local deli are great substitutes. My favorite sub to order is the Honey Roasted Turkey Breast on Wheat Bread with Provolone. I add lettuce, oil, vinegar, and honey mustard, as well as Wawa’s seaonsings. It’s never disappointed me.

I’m wrapping up the picnic with strawberries, blueberries. and grapes, lemonade, and brownies. I can hardly wait.

Picnic Playlist

Because summer is way too awesome a time to dine without beats, I’ve included a couple of playlists for your upcoming picnics. Now, disclaimer, these are not my playlist creations, but I enjoyed the different vibes and thought I’d share. Feel free to suggest a few of your favorite songs…and recipes.

Will you be enjoying a picnic this weekend?


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