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It’s the Last Day of School!

It’s the Last Day of School!

Years ago, there was a commercial that showed kids jumping around in celebration while the mother and father walked behind them sadly. It was the last day of school and they were heartbroken. I definitely don’t feel that today. Today, we have completed the last day of school! I am so excited!

We changed our dining room into a learning nook

When school started in 2020, things looked a lot different than our previous years. Instead of first day of school pictures in front of bus stops and walking out doors, we took pictures in front of laptops staged on dining room tables. I wrote about it at length here. Today, the kids were still in front of tables, still distance learning, but there was a remarkable sense of accomplishment with it.

Honeybee’s teacher, who has been amazing since the very beginning, arranged a special surprise for the kids in their the virtual students’ last school supply pickup. In it, she included a freezer pop (melted) to place in the freezer for an end of the year celebration. She got to enjoy it with her fellow classmates and got to open a special surprise as well.

Not to be outdone, Bug got to celebrate his day similarly. He virtually wished all his friends and teachers a very happy summer break and chatted with each one before calling it an academic year. I can hardly believe I now have a tenth grader, who had no problem showing off for his last day of school 😊.

In addition to Bug finishing his 100% virtual school year with all As, he has been an amazing help at home. He’s been chef, babysitter, entertainer, teacher, and so much more. I wanted him to know how much I appreciated all that he has been doing for the family, and for the high level of maturity and sacrifice that he has shown. I contacted a beautiful spirit via Instagram and asked if she would design a custom bracelet for my son who loves God above all. She came up with this design and I presented it to my son after we dropped off his school supplied laptop. He loves it and so do I.

I didn’t want the gift giving to end there. The kids always like receiving little gifts that celebrate. I love giving them to them and also supporting our local small businesses and dear friends. I contacted Sweet D Treats and asked if she would create a couple of last day of school treat boxes. She did an amazing job creating number two pencils out of pretzel rods, making kiwi-strawberry popcorn, yummy cookies and cake pops, and delectable cupcakes. On top of that, she surprised me with a surprise box for graduating! I love her so much and I HIGHLY recommend you contact her for your orders.

So there you have it! Our last day of school! Now that school has officially ended, I am looking forward to zoo visits, beach trips, family trips, and preparing for some new journeys that I can’t wait to share with you. But today is for celebrating our littles. It’s saying good bye to school friends and making summer plans with others. Today, my littles have completed their first year full year of school during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I am SO very proud of them.

Congratulations, you two! Love you!


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