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Weekend Recap: Venturing Outside (Catch Ups)

Weekend Recap: 15-16 May

Wow, guys! It’s been forever since I’ve given you a “Weekend Recap” and the truth is, with COVID quarantines, it has been pretty hard to share my world when my household has been pretty sequestered in it. However, restrictions have slowly but surely been lifting and after receiving vaccinations, taking the time to make sure everyone is covered and protected, and doing some due diligence, we were finally able to spend some time together with some of those who we truly love!

Graduation Season

What a beautiful time to be alive! You guys were right here when I shared about my recent graduation from Liberty University. ShortIy thereafter, I was able to celebrate that same honor for a host of loved ones who were also graduating. I watched as my good sister-friend AND her daughter received Associates degrees together. What made it so amazing was her daughter graduated from HIGH SCHOOL the next Friday! God is so good, ya’ll.

Oh, but I’m not done! Another good sister-friend received her SECOND Masters degree the following Saturday! YAY!! This beautiful, amazing, and awesome sister-friend and inspiration was one of the beautiful ladies that held me down while I was celebrating. Imagine receiving texts and congratulations in real time from loved ones who couldn’t be there in person, but still wanted you to know they had your back. She was one of those ladies, so it was such a blessing to be able to return the favor when she walked as well.


Finally, my nephew walked across a socially distant stage in the South to become a high school graduate! He is a walking testimony of the power of God! The doctors said he would have difficulty keeping up with others. They tried to label him. They tried to write him off. My sister rebuked that and taught the teachers how to teach her son. The thing is my nephew is a literal genius and I am SO very proud of him. Congratulations, J!

Saturday, I was able to watch several children graduate from high school via live stream as our county’s school district had every high school graduate on the same day in close time proximity to one another. It wss such s joy to see everyone smiling and cheering their child. This year has been something and those graduates deserved this amazing moment.


With things opening up, our family was blessed to spend some time with my brother and sister in loves and their families a couple of weekends ago. It was such a joy to see them. They hadn’t met our youngest yet and it had been ages since they saw the other children. I was able to capture a few pictures of the kids interacting with everyone and I think they are some of my favorite pictures taken.

We are certainly looking forward to being able to spend more time together soon. I can’t tell you the plans I already have in my head.

Charity Fun Run

The kids got to experience a true entry into things reopening. I told you here that a colleague was directing a youth charity run for the youth and I was so excited to sign the kids up. It was much earlier than they wanted to wake up, but definitely worth the effort. The kids had a great time. Bug ran a respectable 8:59 mile. Honeybee ran 10:42, which was a good job for her first time competively running.

The kids enjoyed it very much and are looking forward to running in next year’s event.

Birthday Parties

It’s been forever since we have been able to celebrate birthdays in person. That changed last weekend! We were excited to celebrate our niece’s birthday this weekend! She turned five and that is a HUGE milestone for a little girl because they are officially “a big girl” :) The kids donned swim suits and we gathered them up to celebrate. It was such a great time.

It was certainly a great time seeing everyone, especially seeing how different the kids look after a quarantined year and a half. It really is such a blessing to see everyone again. Make sure you return for our Weekend Recaps as we start venturing into the world once again.

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend!


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