2021 July 2020 month update

Hey July!

Hey everyone! Well, we’ve made it! We are officially halfway through the year 2021. I’m so thankful. Shoot, last July was not in my favorites with all the craziness of pandemic and the constant demonstrations for civil equality. Fortunately, this year is looking a lot better.

What’s On The Agenda

It’s my birthday month! Look, I used to kind of side-eye people who took the entire month for their birthday celebration. Honey, after the year we have just had, I am ABSOLUTELY claiming the month. I am still not quite ready for big birthday parties, but I plan on enjoying the heck out of my birthday this year. It is a blessing to turn 41 and I intend on making sure God knows how much I appreciate still being here (if that is His will).

birthday cake on a dinner table
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

Independence Day

Nothing says July quite like the 4th of July and its activities. There are a lot of things that still need to be addressed, said, and/or done, but to not acknowlege this day is to not acknowledge the sacrifices made by my friends and family who proudly serve(d) our country.

Birthday Bucket List

You guys know I do it yearly. I’m super excited to release the birthday bucket list this year. I have no idea yet what is going to be on it, but since I was sequestered in pregnancy and pandemic last year, I’m ready for something amazing this year. Do you do birthday bucket lists, too?

Day Trips

I can’t wait to start taking some of these zoo and museum trips that make summer so much fun for the kids. I’m looking forward to more outside trips than indoor because I’m not quite excited about the idea a lot of people, but I am very excited about getting out and returning to a small sense of normalcy.

So that’s a bit of my July plans. What are you planning for July 2021?!

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