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We Did A Thing…New Address, New Journey

Home Sweet Home

When my husband and I were engaged, we discussed a plan of what we wanted to see for our family.  We discussed a timeline for things we would like to have occur.  We prayed about it, spoke over it, and went about doing what we needed to do to make sure our works weren’t dead.  We maintained that timeline for a while The timeline maintained, at least until the pandemic arose.  In that time, an amazing opportunity arose.  We were able to purchase a new home– a new construction build that would be the new family home until S. and I retire.  I must admit that even though we spoke, prayed, and planned that I was nervous about stepping out of the comfort zone of our current home.  (In case you’re new here, I’m not a real fan of change [working on it]). But I did and I am SO thankful that we did.

July 7th

On July 7th, possibly the hottest day during the year (seriously it was 97 degrees, 102 heat index, and 90% humidity), I watched as two moving trucks approached our home. My husband, Bug, and I assumed the position and together with the help of these gentlemen packed up the home that had been my family’s blessing for the past nine years.

Moving boxes were our scenery for a while.

I should not have been surprised to feel a bit emotional about walking through empty bedrooms when all was said and done, but I was. This was the same home that we bought our Honeybee to. We introduced her to her brother in her nursery while he thought she was a doll baby. It was the same home where we subsequently bought home Little A, little J, and finally Miss SA. We celebrated firsts here. We mourned loss here. It was beautiful. It was wonderful. It was home. I loved it and now we were about to make moves to a new home, a new place to fill with memories.

It’s Been a Journey!

When we first started looking, we both had specific needs and wants.  My husband was big on amenities.  I was big on schools where my children would feel loved, encouraged, and challenged.  The schools from which our children were transferring are some of my favorites with kind teachers and dedicated academics. I had high expectations.

We saw countless homes.  Some in the current school district, some outside of it.  Some were way too close together.  Some had the amenities, but not the great school reputations.  Some had great school reputations, but lacked amenities.  It was actually my husband that found the location for our new home.  I am not going to go into every detail or the entire process, but I truly am thankful for the way God allowed things to unfold.

Our new home

Today, we are the new homeowners in another wonderful neighborhood with kind neighbors and great experiences for kids. Our pastor recently preached that God made provision and blessed in the midst of a pandemic. He is absolutely correct. We lost a lot of dear friends and family members. We lost associates. Prayerfully, all closed their eyes here and opened them in Glory. There were experiences missed and memories that didn’t happen. Still, we were able to come together as a family and do something absolutely amazing through God’s provision. Jesus truly is an awesome God.

Looking forward to sharing pictures of the changes as we settle in….

As we get things settled and decorated, we will make sure to share a few pictures of the new home and some of our favorite things about the new location. For now, we remain eternally grateful for the blessings of Jesus and look forward to sharing great memories with all of you in a new home.


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