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2021 Back to School Prep

Well, guys, this is it. Tonight is the night before school and the last day of summer vacation for my Bug and Honeybee. Their former school district started school bright and early Monday morning. I’ve been working behind the scenes to get things prepped for our elementary and high school littles’ first day tomorrow. It appears we are finally there.

School Supplies

You may have been around my IG stories last week when I took Bug and Honeybee out for a school supply run. We still had quite a few items from last year, so it was basically a supplemental run. I did buckle and allowed Honeybee to choose a new backpack since it’s a new grade and a new school district.

Amazon Backpack here

Can you tell she is still into all things butterfly?

Open House

Things were a bit interesting with the open house as it was on the same day for each child and in the same three blocks. We decided that we would visit Bug’s first and then we would visit Honeybee’s later in the PM. It worked out very well. Bug has a pretty extensive High School schedule, but he has made some great choices class wise and I’m hoping he loves the first semester. Honeybee has a great room with a couple of kids from our neighborhood, which is a great load off her mind for her. Her teacher seems to be a great and kind soul and we are looking forward to the upcoming school year.

Your Best Style Forward

Both Honeybee and Bug had hair appointments this week. Honeybee went with her sister and was transformed into her beautiful princess self. Bug received his “Top 5” as he calls it and was good to go with his close cut. He’s already laid his clothes out for his first day of school outfit and is ready to start the year. His sister is equally excited.

The Meals We Eat

In the past, I have shared how I like to pre-prep the school meals so that we aren’t rushing for breakfast and lunches in the AM. Plus, I am not a huge fan of early-bird mornings. Well, I’ll still be doing some of that, but nearly as much as I did before because the local school districts have announced that all students, regardless of income, will receive one free breakfast and one free lunch daily. I absolutely love that. I have friends who are educators and they constantly share of the extra food they bring into their class because they know students are eating like they should be. One educator friend has a pantry in the closet (or did pre-pandemic). The kids can go in and get what they need. She has received more than one thank you card anonymously given at the end of the year.

The new lunch box 🙂

Stay Tuned

We’ll be back to share how the first day went for our littles. Have an amazing day!


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