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Friday Faves: The Back to School Edition 8.6.21

Hey Guys! Happy August and Happy First Friday Fave of the Month! It’s hard to admit, but YEP. it is officially back to school season for my kiddoes. After the craziness of 2021, I’m excited to let them return to a bit of normalcy (though actively watching this Delta variant). The kids are almost ready and I figured today was the perfect day to share some of my Back to School faves with you. I’m linking with Erika and Shay to make sure you get awesome eyes on this edition.

Some of my Favorite BTS Instagram Sites

I’m not sure if you’re a social media person, but I absolutely am. It kind of comes with the territory in the marketing and promotions arena. That’s why I’m so excited about the first batch of favorites that I have for you. I’m sharing a few of my favorite IG accounts that make life so much easier, amazing, or just plain interesting when it comes to back to school

  1. @Elementary_Eats. This is a newer page, but oh my has she been on it! It you are like me, then packing lunches for the littles can sometimes be a bit challenging. I like packing in bento boxes for the littlest fingers, so this site is a lifesaver. The poster shares her daily lunches packed for her elementary aged children. The meals are simply and easy, not the uber gourmey stuff that a lot of these site have you trying to create. (Seriously, I don’t have time for that.) Seriously, she’s packing chicken nuggets and mini waffles for a chicken and waffles lunch with a Caesar salad, watermelon shapes, granola bar, and an Honest Kids juice box. That I can do!
  2. @KidsSchoolLunchBox. This is another school lunch box feed. While there are some items that my pickier littles won’t try, there are some interesting choices that I must certainly would include in my bento box.
  3. @SmartSchoolHouse. This feed may seem familiar to you. I’ve mentioned her several times on the blog and have followed her for years. I lover her site because of all the cool DIY crafts and yummy recipes that she likes to share. I always stop by for the big holidays and birthdays for new ideas. I’m a fan of most of her back to school breakfast recipes and incorporate them in rotation to some of the pre-breakfast planning that I do (Hello! Freezing breakfast sandwickes individually for quick on-the-go mornings is a life saver!) Visit her site because you will definitely be inspired.
  4. @PlayfulPrimary. If you have an elementary school aged child, this page is a very good resources for learning materials that you can actually download and print via the link in her Smart Bio. As my Honeybee sometimes has some math concerns, this is definitely a go to site.

Some of My Favorite BTS Attire Sites

When it comes to Back to School fashion, I am sure you can image the discerning tastes of a soon to be 15 yo and a budding fashionista 7 yo. Both have their own style and love to show it when given the opportunity. Fortunately for me they know Mommy isn’t about spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes that will be outgrown or worn for short seasons. That’s why I’m sharing some of my favorite BTS sites. These are go tos for cute and on trend attire at sensible prices.

  1. SparkleinPink. You should have already known it was going on the list. If you have followed me for a while, you know I love this site. The clothes are cute. They are affordable. The girls love them and they all look good in them. I purchase from them several times a year and have yet to be disappointed with anything that I have purchased. They also have adorable accessories and an app to keep you in the know!
  2. CookiesKids. Someone turned me on to this site when my oldest son was a little boy. Clothes start in size infant to 20, include plus sizes, and feature popular name brands at reasonable prices. They also sell furniture and baby gear, nursery decor and bedding, and shoes. I freely admit that on occasion some of the clothes haven’t lasted long in the wash but more have than haven’t, so I didn’t complain. They are currently having a sale on summer short sets, shorts, tanks and swim wear where you buy one, get one for 25% off if you use code: SUM25. (Not a kickback, just a share).
  3. The Children’s Place. I have loved The Children’s Place for a long time. I used to purchase clothes regularly here for Bug when he was young. Since then, I have continued to purchase for special occasions or during sales. Honeybee likes their graphic tees about friendship, kindness, and unicorns. The young ones like the character tees that they see on the screens for chill time. Either way, it’s a pretty great go to for attire.
  4. Gap. Here’s me being honest and transparent. I don’t shop Gap often, but when I do it’s because my son has a desire for something new and intriguing from their wares. I am a fan of the store because the quality of the clothes really is worth the amount you pay for them. You can also get good deals with clearance, coupons, and memberships. It’s a definite stop for your teen.

My FAVORITE Save Money Sites for Back to School

These are my favorite sites to save money when it comes to all things, but especially this season. I have a family of seven. If I don’t have to spend it, I am not going to spend it. These sites make it a little easier to do just that.

  1. The Krazy Coupon Lady. If you know, you know. This is a site you NEED to know. This woman is amazing providing discounts, codes, and deals for everything. I go to her for everything but especially baby deals and back to school items. Currently there are 145 back to school deals on her site from 50% off Columbia Jackets at Macy’s to 30 pack of pencils for $5.50 to BOGO 50% Cat & Jack Kids’ Sneakers. There are tons of deals on this site and you want them! TRUST! And if you’re interested in learning how to coupon, she is definitely a great starting point.
  2. Rakuten. This site is formally Ebates, but the name change didn’t change the deals. You get paid a percentage of money for places that you shop at anyway. I was once skeptical, but I use the site and I love it. Now, don’t expect to receive massive amounts of money. The percentages aren’t usually beyond 10% but every little bit saved is a blessing.
  3. Retailmenot. I love this site. Before I do any shopping, I visit this page and see if there are any coupon codes available. Then, I go to Rakuten, get the percentage there, and use the coupon code for additional savings. It definitely helps and I am such a fan of saving money.

So there we are! My Back to School Edition of all things favorite! I hope you have enjoyed this list and that you have an awesome Friday!


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