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Hi August!

Hi August!

Hey my loves! We made it to another month! God is so worthy of praise! I’m telling you so much has happened since August 2020. I’m just glad to be alive and well in it. I know it sound cliche to say it, but I really am amazed at how fast this year has flown. We are now officially more than halfway through 2021. You all already know that means Fall is right around the corner and I can’t wait! There are a few other things I’m looking forward to as well.

Hi August! We’ve been expecting you!

New Town, New Activities

I shared a few days ago that the family and I recently relocated to a new neighborhood with a new school district. The neighbors have all been very nice and welcoming, but I can still tell the littles are a bit homesick. There is a National Night Out event happening this week that will give the kids an opportunity to meet other people, see some of the offerings of the local Parks and Recreation Department, and hopefully look at some local youth Bible and church study options since driving an hour up the road one way on Wednesday evenings during the school year probably won’t make scheduling too great. Still, we are already embracing the fun things we get to participate in…

Birthday Wars Over Here!

We’re rapidly approaching a pretty fun series of birthdays in the SFF household. J. turns 2 on August 4th. Little A. turns 4 on the 25th. Little Miss S-A will turn 1 (God-willing) in November. I hope I can be there to see her grow year older.

Back to School

It’s official. The kids will be starting school much earlier than they have in the past. This year, in a new district, they start in about ten more days. There is still a lot to do. If you’ve followed the IG stories, then you know we have recently started our school shopping, but there is so much more that remains to be done. I do look forward to sharing some of the cute BTS finds we made on our journey.

We’ll be doing Open Houses and Back to School Nights soon. We also have to make some decisions about childcare locations as in-person work continues despite the child care centers remaining closed (or with a significant wait list). We are also closing observing how things play out as the Delta variant of the COVID vaccine has been causing havoc and we don’t want to be in a situation where things shut down as soon as they reopen. But we will definitely keep you in the loop as we move forward.

Behind The Scenes

There are some really cool projects I’m hoping to work on behind the scenes, so keep your fingers crossed as I step out of my comfort zone and step out on faith to do some things that fill me with joy and allow me to do the same for others.

I can’t wait to speak on it!

And now the July recap…

Okay, guys. If you are new to the blog or haven’t been around since prepandemic, this is the recap portion. I just do a quick rundown of July by the numbers just in case you missed something really cool.

Blog Posts

Hey July

Marriage Monday: The Importance of Self-Care in Your Marriage

41 while 41

We Did A Thing…New Address, New Journey

What I’m Reading

Crawlerz: Book 4: From The Ashes. (I’m a Zombie Genre Fan and I’ll be reviewing this series eventually).

Crawlerz: Book 5: Off The Rails (Both Books by R.S. Merritt via Amazon)

Who I’m Following On Instagram

Social Sam. The girl is an Instagram marketing guru. Her page is easy to follow and her information worth paying attention to.

Ternesha Womack. Dallas area Blogger who I promise would be my friend IRL. (Seriously, in my head, she’s my good good good girl friend with nuggets she drops. Naturalista and a genuine soul.)

Monago Family. They are a UK family of six who love each other and share such great vibes that it’s hard not to stalk the page to see what’s next. Super encouraging and supportive to mothers across the pond and just plain gorgeous with or without the makeup.

Unexpected Blessings. A Christian mom and lifestyle blogger who loves Jesus and her family. She is a mom of five, so you know I love seeing how they operate and love. I also greatly admire her faith and how she and her husband stand strong in the face of craziness. Another page I visit regularly.

So there you go! My July recap and my August welcome! I hope you have a wonderful August and have some great memories this month. What do you have planned?


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