2021 August 2021 back to school Honeybee recap

Our First Day of School Recap 2021

We’re Back!

Hey guys! I hope you’re having an awesome Monday! I wanted to share these on Friday, but thought waiting to bring joy to your Monday was more than appropriate. The kids started school on Thursday and it was a pretty cool day. So let’s recap!

Bug woke up EARLY EARLY because his bus leaves before the sun comes up! Seriously, it comes super early and there is a shortage of drivers in his and the neighboring districts, so he stays on the bus about an hour to an hour and a half. I did offer to drive for pick up and/or drop off, but he’d like to meet new people since it’s a new year and district. But as we get in the cooler temps, he’ll probably take me up on that because standing outside before sunup in Winter doesn’t strike me as fun.

Because Bug was the first to leave, we did his Back to School photo shoot without his still sleeping sibling (say that three times fast lol). Of course, Bug had to be GQ in his.

Honeybee woke up quite a bit after her brother left and she, along with her siblings, enjoyed a breakfast of waffles, berries, and sausage (which the kids LOVED).

After she was good and full, it was her time to model and you all know she loves a good camera pic.

After pics, I made sure to make sure her lunch included a special surprise from one of my favorite cookie ladies. Incidentally, I mentioned that this year the school district is providing free breakfast and lunch options to all of the students. Honeybee wanted to carry her snack for the day and since we’d purchased lunch items before the school decision was made and released, I went for it. She was SO excited. (Also, she asked me to pack a full lunch this morning).

Meal eaten and snack packed, we walked to the bus stop to be greeted by the other neighborhood kids waiting for the bus. No pics of her getting on the actual bus because I FaceTime with Honeybee’s Umi so she could watch her get on the bus for the first day of school. I love that there are options for grandparents and relatives to share in that. She has been here for EVERY first day of kindergarten for the kids (Superbug and Honeybee). Next year, A. will join the ranks (God willing) and I hope my Mom will be joining us then too.

So, there’s our first day recap. For those of you who have also started school with your littles, how are you doing?


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