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A Letter to My Son on His 15th Birthday

My oldest

I can’t believe my son is turning 15 years old today. What a beautiful and blessed event it is because he truly is a beautiful and blessed child. I’m pleased to draft this letter because he truly is worthy of receiving it.

Dear Son,

What a beautiful day today is. I remember distinctly sitting in the bed watching television unable to sleep when you let me know in no uncertain times that you were ready to make your debut. You always have a way with timing. I want you to know how absolutely proud I am of you and how happy I am that you chose me to be your mother.

I have watched you grow from a newborn to a kind and loving young man with a huge heart and a love of Christ that surpasses men twice your age. You are such a blessing. I know that you are destined for great things in this world. I don’t know what purpose Jesus has for you, but I know it is something fantastic and there is not a doubt in my mind about it.

I have so many great and wonderful reasons that I love you and why you are the best 15-year-old son ever. But to feed your love language, I’m giving you 15 reasons why I love you!

  1. You have such a big heart!
  2. You are such an awesome big brother.
  3. You love God with all your heart.
  4. You always think of others before you think of yourself.
  5. You want to make every holiday and birthday special.
  6. You are always down for a Sonic run.
  7. You watch weird Science fiction movies with me.
  8. You love watching Chopped with me.
  9. You’re an awesome cook.
  10. You make the BEST Omelets in the world.
  11. You come up with the best games to play with your siblings.
  12. You show concern for your loved ones.
  13. You don’t mind working hard to help someone else out.
  14. You don’t mind dreaming big.
  15. You make sure Top 5 is a real thing!

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