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Happy Birthday, Shirley-Ann!

This weekend has been such a very blessed one. On Friday, our family celebrated the first birthday of our beautiful Shirley-Ann and then celebrated my mother’s 60th birthday on Saturday. God really is a great and wonderful God.

It’s almost impossible to believe that our baby girl isone, but she really is! It really seems like it was yesterday that I was having the most amazing birth. Different than previous ones, powerful and peaceful at the same time even with the unexpected…but no less beautiful in its perfect way. Now, we have a beautiful one year old who celebrates with us.

An Intimate Affair

I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t wanted to celebrate this baby with much fanfare and blessings. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control rendered the baby’s birthday celebration an intimate affair between her siblings, her parents, and FaceTime conversations with her grandparent. Truthfully, it worked out beautifully that way. There was more focus on her and less on my running around in hostess mode to make sure everyone was good. That isn’t to say I am not still in love with the idea of a party for her. But I guess that will be another time on another day. We even captured a few great memories.

In a Nutshell

Our girl is a feisty, happy, lovely little girl. She has been walking without aid since a little after 10 months and she is loving it. I genuinely believe she started walking a bit earlier because she is trying so hard to keep up with her sisters and brothers, especially J. They are only a year apart and are constantly under each other. They love being playmates but also end up bickering as well. But don’t be fooled. Shirley-Ann loves her brother. If her brother is crying, then she will immediately start crying with him to show her support. She doesn’t play about him.

And Finally

I chose to celebrate our little one’s birthday on video with some of my favorite pictures of Shirley-Ann playing to one of my FAVORITE songs. It’s posted as a reel on my Instagram account, but feel free to watch the post below.

Thank you so much for walking the journey of our daughter. We are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers as she has grown on these pages. I pray that Jesus blessed her with many more birthdays and you with many more blessings.

Have a great day.


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