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Hello November. Welcome back.

It comes around every year so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I promise November seems to have come so quick this year! Still, I am more than a little excited about it as there are so many fun things planned for this month and so many reminders that we are almost at the end of 2021!

There’s a LOT going on…

Guys, I can’t even pretent NOT to be excited. November is holiday season gateway and I love it. This is the season of family and friends, great memories and gratitude, love and life. I am really excited to see what God has in store for us.

Birthday Things

close up photography of pink birthday cake
Photo by Mohammad Danish

One of the really cool things about this month is the number of birthdays included in it. Two of my favorite people are celebrating birthdays back to back. Shirley-Ann is turning 1 and my mother is celebrating her 60th birthday only a day apart. Add to that a number of sister and brother in love birthdays, and I am so looking forward to the birthday celebrations.

National Adoption Month

One of the things I absolutely love about this month is the fellowship and awareness that comes with #NationalAdoptionMonth. There are so many children who are hoping and praying for a permanent loving home. There are also so many potential parents who can give the children the love they desire. This month, I plan on sharing ways you can help a child find a forever home or support an organization that operates in that mission. I hope you come to see this time as important and special as I.

My 2021 Favorite Things

person wearing santa claus outfit while holding christmas gift
Photo by KoolShooters

I’m so excited to bring this year’s Favorite Things. I think you’ll like a number of the items I’ve chosen and I plan on celebrating with a few surprises as well. From small business to delectable treats to sentimental things to mental health and wellness, I think this year’s list will be one of my faves.


Thanksgiving 2020 was a wonderful occasion celebrating our becoming a family of 7. This year, I look forward to just celebrating life and new days. There are so many who won’t be around the dinner table this year and I don’t take that for granted at all. You all stay tuned as I share some of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions including the Thankful tree. I hope it is amazing this year!

Future Thoughts…

Are endless! I’m looking forward to a beautiful month full of beautiful things. I hope you are too. What’s on your agenda? What are you planning to do this month? Drop a comment!


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