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My 2021 Favorite Things- Part 2

I told you! There are so many things that I have fallen in love with during the 2021 season that I couldn’t place them all in one grouping. You guys would have hated me! So, here I am linking my favorite things, the second edition. I hope you find some inspiration among my faves, and be sure to share the post, subscribe to the blog, and come back for more. If you haven’t had a chance to see My Favorite Things-Part I, feel free to check that post out here.

In addition, because this is Friday and I’m all about sharing the love, I’ve linked with Shay , Andrea, and Erika for Friday Favorites to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the all things favorite!


One thing I noticed in 2021 was my daughters were enraptured by any and everything that looked like them. It was so fun watching their reactions when seeing dolls, movies, and books with main characters that looked like them with kinky coils and stories like theirs. So, I of course had to kick off Part II with a few of my favorite minority-owned or represented businesses.

  • Mah Melanin. I found this lovely jewel on Facebook (as I often find interesting things). I absolutely love it. This shop sells beautifully melaninated Gift Wrap, gift bags, apparel, blankets, and home and living decor. Ya’ll, I am SO in love, particularly with the Christmas paper. I love the family picture and invite you to visit as well.
Photo credit: Mahmelanin | Such cute melanin-inspired items
  • Dreams and Jammies

Whew! When I came across these lovely items, I ordered the SAME DAY! It’s not everyday that I find super hero and princess characters on PJs that look like my littles, at a cute and afforable price. I have five kids, ya’ll! I can love cute all day, but if it costs too much to add to the wardrobe, it doesn’t really do me any good. I did NOT have that problem with these. They sell boy and girl PJ items and are kid-approved! Check them out here.

I ordered jammies for all of my youngest littles. Photo credit: Dreams and Jammies

Subscription Boxes

Over the lockdown experience of the pandemic, I discovered a secret, ya’ll. I low key love subscription boxes because they are literally the gift that keeps on giving. Every month (or how often you subscribe) provides the opportunity to bring joy and surprises for loved ones. They also offer some great one-time offers, which I equally enjoy. There are boxes for every lifestyle, every interest, and every individual. I love them so much, I’m thinking of doing a holiday guide with some subscription discounts for you in the future. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in that.

This company touts themselves as the “original subscription box” company and it isn’t hard to see why. They offer the coolest subscription challenges where you don’t know what you are going to do until you scratch it off. You can’t take it back after you scratch and you can purchase a camera (or use your own to print later) to capture some really great memories. The boxes are curated to family, friends, couples, and even individual experiences.

Photo credit: Adventure Challenge

Happily shares itself as a fun, romantic date experience planned for you and delivered to your front door every month. They really plan everything–from activity to cost to Spotify playlist, it’s all in there. Dates are personalized based ona questionnaire that couples fill out. The option exists for a monthly, tri-monthly, or 6-month subscription plan, along with class offerings and additional one-time activities.

Photo credit: Happily Date Box

This is literally the all stop shop for all things subscription boxes! You have an interest in it, this place has a box hookup for it. Faith, Christianity, Food, Parenting, Shopping, Self-care, Personal Growth, boxes for kids, boxes for teens, singles, couples, and so much more! This site has it ALL! I’ve only named a few categories and highly recommend a stop by to see what interests your loved ones can have satisfied by this shop.

Photo credit: All photos are of boxes found via Cratejoy

Special Gifts

One of the things I love about this season is the giving of gifts for sentimental and emotional reasons. The pandemic caused a lot of separation, missed moments, and missed experiences. Finding gifts that give a little of that back have been definite joys in this season.

This is yet another Facebook find which gained traction very quickly. This beautiful device makes it easy to share photos with loved ones across the world almost instantaneously. The Skylight Frame website shares that the device has “a gorgeous, 10” color touch screen that displays your photos with extraordinary clarity, color, and brilliance”. There are two price options listed at $149 or $159, the more expensive plan includes the ability to send and play videos, add captions, backup photos to the cloud, create albums, and use the mobile and web apps to add additional shares.

Photo credit: Skylight Frame
  • Paint YourLife

This beautiful offering allows the creation of beautiful moments or the capturing of amazing memories through paint. I have seen several of these beautiful renditions in person and know that these paintings can bring such joy, and peace.

Photo credit: Paint Your Life | Artist: Michael

So there we have Part II! I hope you and enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed sharing. I believe I have one more section to share and will do so soon. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


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