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My Favorite Things 2021- Part I

Guys! I know I say it every year but WOW, we’re here! The year is almost done and I can hardly believe Christmas is only a few weeks way! For those of you who are doing Christmas shopping, or are planning to do as my very great friends who wait until Christmas Eve to shop (no pressure), I’m sharing a few of my favorite things for 2021 for a little shopping inspiration. AND because there have been so many great things out there, I am breaking this year’s list into multiple posts!!! I am so excited to share!!

Let’s begin!


I am a full on fan of the different moods that fragrances can help bring. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when my husband presented me with Moonlight by Ariana Grande for a gift. It’s a light floral fragrance with notes of black currant and plum, as well as sandlewood. It’s not overpowering and is a pleasant fragrance for a night out. You can find this fragrance and its sets in Ulta beauty and on Amazon.

As a mom of five, I know firsthand the need for energy boosts and relaxation techniques that give me a quick indulgence in the midst of chaos. Bath and Body Works has a really great aromatherapy line that I use regularly to give me a spirited boost during the day. My favorites are the Stress Relief, Energy, and Sleep lines. I use the Orange and Ginger fragrances in the morning to get the day started, the stress relief on the weekend after long adventures with the kids, and the sleep fragrances right before bedtime to get me in the frame of mind.

A final fragrance of mine is Moonlight Path. This fragrance keeps popping up on those special evenings with my husband as it is one of his favorite scents of mine. It isn’t an intense fragrance nor is it expensive, but it is one that gets me compliments almost every time I wear it.


2021 was the year of the message for me. Clothes that were cute and stylish were favorites and bonuses were given if there was a message that I could relate to and rock. Here are a few of my absolute faves.

This year mental health and the importance of mental health have been at the forefront of a lot of loved ones messages. It’s been a crazy year and I found it so cool to find a shirt that pretty much agreed with me in that regard. TheraTees speaks to erasing the stigma of mental health awareness and to men embracing their mental health needs.

I stumbled on this Halos and Miracles by accident, but I am so glad that I did. The shirts are shirts I feel comfortable wearing everywhere. They are also earnest titles and statements that I walk in. I am the Praying Mom, the Blessed Mom, and all the moms in between. If you’re up to #momlife things and thoughts, this is definitely the shop for you.

Children’s Apparel

Having five active children means five times the laundry and a serious need for quality clothes that are cute, functional, and inexpensive. Seriously, I am all for the couture looks, but I’m not paying couture prices for apparel that will be covered in mud and is dry clean only. Trust, a sista needs machine-washable. Here are a few of my favorites this year.

I was introduced to PatPat clothing online. Some of my favorite Instafamilies look so very cute in their matching outfits and when I inquired as to where they acquired their looks, the answer was always PatPat. The clothes are cute, on trend, and affordable. Plus, you can purchase complementary family looks without it being overdone.

I love their clothes

I am a HUGE fan of this boutique. I love the quality of their clothes and the style of them. I am also a big fan of their committment to working with designers of colors.


  • Blooming In Faith Creations

Inspirational Jewelry became my jam in 2021. I needed pieces that meant something to me and not just adorned me. Coming across Blooming In Faith Creations was perfect. I met the owner of this great shop via Instagram. She was such a sweet woman with such a great spirit. I’ve purchased great pieces from her several times and have always found her pieces to be of great quality and style. She is definitely a favorite.

  • Hairbrella

You want this in your life! The Hairbrella is the next best thing since sliced bread! Hear me out ya’ll. I promise it feels like nature conspires against me because more often than not I’ve JUST gotten my tresses done and looking fabulous when all of a sudden…BOOM…rain. Now, my tresses are sodden and the humidity has me looking quite pitiful. I saw this Hairbrella in action and LOVE IT! Watch the video and let that jaw drop because honey, it’s the truth!!!

  • Cratejoy

If you want to try new accessories and get the thrill of being surprised, I promise Crate Joy is what you want. The jewelry and accessories subscription boxes are filled with high-quality and trendy pieces, and depending on which box you subscribe, you may even get some super cute purses. This one is so great that I’m adding it to another post as well! Check it out!

Self Care

One thing I love about social media is the opportunity to network with so many great indviduals. One such young lady is Cristal Cordova who has shared with her viewers a host of great self care and gift bundle ideas throughout the season. I was able to link up with her to share some of these great faves. Don’t worry. You’ll see them again in some of my seasonal wish list!

Sweet Maple Bath Bomb | Under The Mistletoe Lip Balm | Christimas Spirit Essential Oil Blend

Internet Finds

It’s always interesting to see things online and wonder if they actually do what they say they do. I have to tell you I have tried quite a few things online this year and a few of them are actually included in my favorites list because they really work!

As a communications and advertising junkie, I love a good marketing campaign. Lume‘ caught my attention immediately. It’s an all natural deodorant that is supposed to prevent smells from everywhere even from those people who have difficulty with staying fresh. If you’ve ever had a teenager or have done a run in 90 degree heat, then you know the stench that can come. I ordered this skeptical of its working, but it actually does what it says. Full disclaimer though…before it dries it has a very strong odor that I can only link to cat urine. Seriously. BUT once it dries…you are fresh forever.

Lume does what it says
  • Happy Box

Happy Box. I am all about sharing good vibes and encouragement. It you follow the Instagram page, you see it on the regular. When I came across a FB ad for Happy Box, I was intrigued. A friend of mine had an event coming and I wanted to make sure she had some celebratory love coming her way. This was perfect. It allows customization and comes for all kinds of reasons.

Small/Micro Businesses-Food

When the pandemic was at its height, I made a decision to be more purposeful about choosing and supporting small businesses. I have been very fortunate to find and support several, but here are a few of my favorites.

A favorite of sweet tooth lovers everywhere, this shop is a must. Founded in 2019, this hop is a home bakery creating the most delectable treats. While pregnant with my last little, I had a serious craving for turtles and chocolate covered pretzels. I didn’t have the energy to make them myself and when I came across the Facebook Ad and the recognition that they were founded by a hometown entrepreneur with whom I had the privilege of attending high school, I was sold. I ordered the treats, received with no hassle, and they were more than delectable. I’m already planning several repeat orders for client baskets.

You all have seen the name several times on the site. This site has done several delectable cookie treats for birthdays, baby shower gifts, child attention holders, and more. Affordable treats created to add a little sweetness to your next event.

Another fave whom I have used for so many events and so many joys. Reasonable prices and amazingly yummy treats. I happen to be in love with the strawberry crunch strawberries and HIGHLY recommend them, as well as the cocoa bombs.

And there you have it! Part I! How do you like it? Drop your comments below on on my other social media platforms!


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